Candle-making stylist Jun Park

Photo above: One of JD SCENTOLOGY founders ‘Jun Park’

If you have good taste, anything and everything you touch will show it. Stylist Jun Park shares his scents and sensibility with JD SCENTOLOGY.

What made you start a candle business?
Small luxury has been a long-time passion for me, which naturally led me to take interest in scents. Shops dedicated to living goods and lifestyle have become a fast-growing trend, but I will gradually introduce what is unique to JD SCENTOLOGY (JD is the initials of two founders Jun & Deren who created the brand, JD).
It is an overwhelming task to share what I have felt, seen and smelled over the last two decades traveling around the world, to unravel them into a narrative. But I want to, even if it takes time. I believe that is what only JD can do, what makes it unique. I have experienced many different aspects of stylish and luxurious places and lifestyles, and it will be expressed into JD’s own senses and sensibilities. Countless vivid moments are infused in JD’s products.
You have such diverse scents. Wonder how they were developed.

I wanted to share my experiences with everyone. How my heart went aflutter, or ached while travelling across the world. And the unique fragrance of each country. People these days have information at their fingertips, and can lay their hands on anything. To satisfy their discerning and diverse tastes, I have tried to develop a wide range of scents.

When I was studying in London, I went to a department store every Christmas. After I came back to Korea I have been wracking my brain trying to remember what scent it was that always touched my nose whenever I visited the store.

And I decided to recreate the scent myself which was born as JD’s ‘Winter Song.’ All the scents were developed in Korea. I have tried as many perfumes as possible from Korean and international brands. And luckily have come in contact with someone very well-versed in scents and with his advice and countless tests, created the candles. As I have said, JD is born out of my experiences, of my globe-trotting life of the past 20 years.

The most popular three?

‘L’Herbe’ with a fresh smell of grass will be the first. It will be great for spring and summer and is a basic scent familiar to everyone. Close your eyes and you will feel as if you are standing on a boundless green field with cool breeze.

Second will be ‘Spice Market,’ a gender-neutral fragrance that can be a little heavy but also is not trendy. A reserved beauty. If you prefer refreshing aroma, ‘Tuscan Fig’ is recommended. Not many people are against the smell of fig although they might not know what it tastes like.

Packaging is sophisticated. What was the inspiration?
I wanted to create a modern packaging based on a classic design that would not keep away anybody. I pored over designs that will catch the eye and came up with this.

1.  Flower diffuser Black
2. Flower diffuser White
3. Scented candle

What is your favorite scent and why?
L’Herbe. When I smell it with my eyes closed, I can feel a green field spreading out around me drenched in green and fresh forest. It is such fresh scent reminding that you are alive here and now. Many are drawn by it and it is our bestseller. It really is a blessing that a candle can smell like this.
Tell us more about JD VOYAGER.
I always bring a room spray when I travel. But it could be so heavy and I wanted something easier to carry around. I also wanted a tasteful package, and thought a leather slip would be a good fit. There are a variety of leather used for JD Voyager, including a skin soft cowhide and calf leather, as I wanted to imbue different texture. The design is the same but are available in a range of colors as I wanted to offer more choices for customers with different tastes.
Lastly, a word for K Style Lab customers.
I want to reach more people. JD SCENTOLOGY is a brand based on luxury but I want them to know that it is within their reach and they can have fun choosing from the wide selection. Even though the trends are changing so fast, I promise JD SCENTOLOGY will be a brand that will fulfill your lifestyle needs in the most relaxed way.

4. JD Voyager, travel fragrance