“She”, Hyesoo Kim

There’s a crispness in the air. Witnessing a season of change, I sat down with a Korea’s most illustrious actress and casually asked simple questions.

What is your preferred style?
If It is not work-related, I prefer comfortable and casual look.
What do you wear the most?
A pair of jeans.
Are you interested in any style or trendy item?
Fake-fur items.
Which color do you prefer the most?
Royal blue is my favorite.
Is there any guideline or principle in your fashion style?
No, there isn’t any.
Do you have any convenient or useful styling item?
A pair of black leather pants by ‘Balmain’.
Who do you consider as your ‘muse’?
Tilda Swinton.
What are the important things that occupy your lifestyle?
Cooking, the pleasure of reading, and travelling.

1. Hye Soo Kim’s Homemade Recipe 1
Grilled eggplant, asparagus and French horn mushrooms with special sauce (caramelized Omija and coriander in soy sauce and Perilla oil). Photo by Hye Soo Kim

2. Hye Soo Kim’s Homemade Recipe 2
Steamed zucchini leaves, cabbage, string beans with special dipping sauce (soybean paste cooked with Wakame, freshwater snail and mushroom). Photo by Hye Soo Kim

3. Hye Soo Kim’s Homemade Recipe 3
Korean Gimbap (seaweed laver rolled rice) dipped into the beaten eggs and slightly toasted on the pan. Photo by Hye Soo Kim

What was the most fabulous thing you discovered recently?
Versailles Sofa Limited Edition by ‘Boca do Lobo’.
Who are your preferred music artists?
Waldeck (Austrian electronica musician), Gotye (Belgian pop musician), Lana Del Rey, James Blunt (British Singer-songwriter), Amy Winehouse, Lhasa de Sela, and Sigur Ros(Icelandic rock band)
Out of all the countries you’ve travelled, which were the most memorable ones?
The Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, and Croatia.
When travelling, how do you spend your time?
I usually, if possible, take some time and keep some composure. I book an apartment, rather than a hotel room. Also, I cook with fresh ingredients purchased from a local market. I go out for a walk. I enjoy visiting exhibitions and architecturally distinct buildings, and I like to spend time observing people.
What do you gain from your trips?
Another daily life from another space.
What are your recent interests?
For the past couple of years, my personal interests were in architecture, furniture and lightings.
What features inspire you the most?
A space, works from artists, children, fragrance, colors and typeface