Traditional Exfoliating Meets Modern K-Beauty

Fans of K-beauty should be well aware of “sesin,” Korea’s unique culture of cleansing bodies. It is an essential body care routine for Korean women soaking dead skin cells before rigorously shedding them away with a scrubbing mitt called “ddaemiri.”

Cho Sung-ah, a celebrated make-up artist who has a successful namesake brand, has another blockbuster that takes a fresh take on the age-old practice.

Under the slogan of “Fast Spa,” her lifestyle brand ‘Wonderbath’ has come up with a face exfoliator aptly named “Salon de Tte.” It takes only three seconds for the product to give your skin a soft glow, close to one you have seen after a facial or a sauna. A jelly made of French seawater soaks dry flakes and residues in record time while more than 20 extracts from teas added with gel-like agar gently but efficiently draw them out, revealing a clear and radiant skin.

Inspired by post-scrubbing milk massage, Cho added protein derived from New Zealand milk, moisturizing and replenishing nutrition at the same time it cleanses the face. Even a dry and parched skin will have a dewy and smooth afterglow.

“Salon de Tte,” a face exfoliator based on Korea’s unique body cleansing and care ritual ‘sesin’