Our Story

Idea of K-Style Lab emerged from EJ Kim, a woman who cherishes Korean fashion. She served as editor for various international fashion magazines that featured renown fashion brands of the world, but her heart always leaned towards Korean fashion. It is not because of her patriotism, but she has a deep belief in creative energy of designers that inspires Korean fashion.
These designers cultivated fashion in Korea, where it was a barren land, and moved on to Paris, New York, London and Milan to stage their collections. And through Korean wave K-Fashion has become synonym to ‘trendiest’ and “leading edge” in Asian fashion scene. This is certainly a remarkable phenomenon. In spite of all the sensation of “K-Fashion”, she was disturbed by the fact that it was not easy to come across Korean “designer brands” in the markets like China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where she spent last 10 years. This has led to her life-time project to create an omni-channel platform that offers premium Korean fashion and tell the stories of the designer behind it.

EJ is joined by her partner who is a retail specialist who spent past twenty years opening new retail stores around Asia, to open their first pop-up store in Asian fashion mecca, Hong Kong. They have faiths in the competitiveness of Korean fashion of the 21st Century. No fashion style has more value than a fashion with unique inspirations and freshness with strong impressions; Korean fashion is comprised of such qualities.

K-Style Lab

‘K-Style Lab’ is an omni-channel retail platform starting from a pop-up store, and then it will evolve into multi-brand select shops and online shopping, but always providing stories of products and their creators. ‘K-Style Lab’ focuses on enduring style, rather than short-lived trends. It features a blend of veteran, established and new generation designers. ‘K-Style Lab’ harmoniously balances between spirits of classical and avant-garde fashion. K-Style Lab values those designers behind clothes on the racks. Shopping becomes more meaningful when one understands who these designers are.

alej Ltd. Creative Director EJ Kim

EJ is a Francophile. She spent her early years in Geneva, Switzerland and studied fashion in Esmod in Paris. Such background led her to cherish both Asian and European cultures. A lover of fashion and strongly believes that one’s style should have its own story.  Values more on individualism and taste, rather than trend. While serving as fashion editor for various magazines and PR Manager for Chanel, she has built and maintained close relationship with major fashion designers in Korea over the years and continued to exchanges ideas with them.  Clothes vitalizes EJ’s daily life and it encourages her to tell stories. In 2011 she published <Tale of Clothes> and in 2016 it was translated into Simplified Chinese as <時裝搭配聖經:韓範兒基本款365 暢銷書籍>.

alej Ltd. Managing Director Al Hong

Al has been a regional executive who delivers high-caliber results in environments requiring initiative, cross-cultural acumen, creative thinking and flexibility.  He has worked for major international corporations such as Carrefour, Walmart and Apple and has a broad experience in retail real estate development and extensive network in shopping mall industry around Asia.