Authentic Taste From Traditional Market, Gyeyolsa

Located at the bottom end of Bukak Skyway, a local restaurant Gyeyolsa is always crowded with people who are standing in line for its incredibly tasty fried chicken despite the location being not so convenient. It is not easy to access from the main road nor convenient to find a parking spot nearby.

Hand-dipped in a special house batter and fried in 200-degree oil, the skin is crunchy at its best and stays crispy until the last piece on the plate. The seasoning and sauce, just a correct amount, marinating the surface of chicken meat bring incredible flavours out of the thin and crackly skin. Pickled radish that is normally served alongside is also enjoyed as it is refreshing and thought to aid digestion.

Drum Stick vs. Breast?

Richer in flavor, drumsticks are soft and juicy, and breasts, leaner but savory, are irresistible to those who would prefer white meat. Beware that the sauce served on the side is quite sweet to the taste and there’s a clear divide between likes and dislikes. Paring the chicken with a cold pint of beer, you will soothe your hunger with a cooling relief after a long stressful day.

Short menu but good variety will always find some delicious to eat unless you opt for their signature fried chicken. Among which highly recommended is the seasoned Gol Baeng-ee Mu-Chim (spicy whelk salad) mixed with vegetable. Served in sweet chilli sauce in a form of salad tossed with crunchy apple, pear cucumber and chicory, it is a very popular dish among Koreans when they drink alcohol. Don’t forget to try their sesame oil based noodles along with this very Korean dish. This flavourfull dish is one of the best you can find in Seoul. One order of each items, fried chicken and Gol Baeng-ee Mu-Chim, will serve plenty portions to feed four people, and they are well paired with beer.

From small cafes with creative styles to tiny boutiques, and venues like Seopajung Museum, a park, and English style scone store called ‘Scoff’, there are lots of fun factors you can discover around after completing your small feast at the restaurant.

  7 Baekseokdong road, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  Open daily from 12:00 – 23:00 (Monday off)