In March of 2015, a surfer and fashion designer Haeung You established a swimwear brand focusing on beach lifestyle and ocean loving culture. While working as a fashion designer for over 10 years, Haeng traveled to oceans and coastlines around the world. DAZE DAYZ represents a culmination of all of the culture that she has encountered and absorbed through her journey.

Since its launch, DAZE DAYZ quickly become recognized as a beach lifestyle and marine culture swimwear brand and has attracted attention from the fashion media and celebrities. DAZE DAYZ consists of the spirit of an adventurer or traveler who finds a way of life through voyage and escapade and learns to appreciate life and the beauty of nature.

The philosophy of DAZE DAYZ is to pursue the harmony of healthy body and healthy soul. By offering the witty style, DAZE DAYZ hopes to bring their beloved themes, “summer, sea, surf, travel” closer to your everyday lives so that you won’t have to resort to merely an occasional escape.

DAZE DAYZ portrays nostalgia on a beautiful day in the tropical island as of a reflective form. Entangled with daydreaming and the road trip in the summer with a buddy, the design is inspired by retro graphic pattern as such in its own collection, “ road to the sea”. The collection expressively exhibits femininity, sportiness and sexiness.