K-Style Lab Grand Opening Soirée

The grand opening event for K-Style Lab was held on 1st of December at store 401 at Times Square Causeway Bay, featuring wardrobe collections of renowned Korean fashion designers. K-Style Lab offers variety of creative designs from Korean fashion industry, all in one place. This type of pop-up store has never been showcased before, and we are excited to share scenes at the event with our viewers.

gp40Al Hong and EJ Kim with June Lee (Calvin Klein Asia Pacific)

k-style-lab-grand-opening-soiree_02Kim Jihye and Imseonoc (PARTsPARTs)

go42Imseonoc, Al Hong

JinTeok (JINTEOK) and EJ Kim with Korean Women’s Association of Hong Kong

go44Christina Kim and Michelle Kim

go46Kim Jisook & Tien (SK Planet)

go45Park Younsoo (BIG PARK), JinTeok, EJ Kim, Shin Yujin (CJ E&M), and Jamie Kim (Jamie & Bell)

go1Imseonoc, Al Hong, Park Younsoo and JinTeok

go2Park Sojung, Park Sooy, EJ Kim, Park Younsoo, Antoine Grivotet (Cartier Hong Kong and Macau)

go4Noh Seungeun, JinTeok and Jamie Kim

go3Seon Chung, David Cho (Dechert LLP), Spencer Park (Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP)

go5JinTeok and Al Hong

go6Margaret Chang (Korean Residence Association HK), Elizabeth Oh, Noh Seungeun, JinTeok, EJ Kim and Park Younsoo

go7Park Younsoo, Park Sojung, Park Sooy with Korean Women’s Association of Hong Kong

go8Park Younsoo and Al Hong

go9Susie and Don Edrington (SRS Asia Managing Director)

go10EJ Kim, Kim Mikyung, Park Younsoo

go11Al Hong and Oswald Kim (Korchina)

go12EJ with Edwin Ma and So Kai Tai (MRRM Publishing)

go13Al Hong, Oh Baron (Baron Oh), Park Younsoo, JinTeok

go14Lee Jiyeon and Lee Jiseon (J. Apostrophe), Al Hong, Park Younsoo, JinTeok, Imseonoc

go15Winvy Lung (The Peninsula Hong Kong) and Oh Baron

go16Lee Jiyeon and Lee Jiseon

go17Parc Soyoon (Parc 11) and Al Hong

go19Parc Soyoon

go20Jamie Kim


go22Oh Baron

g024Christina Kim and Noh Seungeun

go47Left: EJ Kim, Michelle Kim (Miga Flower). Right: Tania Chan and her daughter with EJ Kim

go18Founders EJ Kim and Al Hong

go26K Style Lab Family with designer Imseonoc (PARTsPARTs)



go29Choi Sangchoon (i-Eastech CEO), Al Hong(K Style Lab Managing Director)

go30Ennio Son (WednesdayJournal), JinTeok, and EJ Kim

go31EJ Kim and Karen Chai (Tod’s)

go32Shin Yujin, EJ, Noh Seungeun, Jinteok, Park Younsoo, Clémence Delpon

go33Park Younsoo (BIG PARK)

go34Yuka Song, Rosanne Wong (Apple) and Al Hong

go35K-Style Lab Team

go36EJ Kim and designers

go39Kenneth Sung (Son & Park Asia)

go38Jamie Kim

go37Son & Park Make Up