K-Style Lab WARDROBE SOHO celebration night

K-Style Lab, which introduced premium Korean designer brands to Hong Kong, has opened its second pop-up store ‘K-Style Lab Wardrobe’ at 67 Hollywood Road. This “Lady’s Wardrobe” will focus on addressing the need of fashionable customers in this community.

When K-Style Lab launched its first pop-up store, curator EJ Kim aimed to bring out each designer’s sensibility. This time she attempts to melt these designers’ sensibilities into different situations and styles.

For the first time in Hong Kong, K-Style Lab Wardrobe is also introducing new swimwear brand Daze Days, which seeks nature, adventure and healthy life style, trendy but not too extravagant LASH sunglasses, colourful and geometric ARA CHO handbags/accessories, and three-dimensional lifestyle paper art pieces MIRUM BEAU.

At the opening party free wine tasting was sponsored by Wine Shop Asia and guests were given fine skin care solutions by BRTC, CLIV and EASY DEW.