Mirumbeau is a result from a transformation of 3D products to 2D products using paper, which goes through a flattening process. The formation from line, face to cubic could be regarded as upgrading process, but the artist Lee Yuju wanted to give a try of retrogression to pursue simplified beauty.

It should be friendly, durable, humorous, widely adapted, truly Korean, modern, beautiful and reasonably priced to be affordable to anybody. These were the essence of design that artist wanted to embody in her crafts.

Han-ji is usually used for oriental painting or art crafts and its usage is limited and likely to remind the past. But the truth is different. There have been various developments with a wide range of goods using Han-ji in different fields. And it results in increased demands of Han-ji.

Artist Lee Yuju, a graduate from Central St.Martins, University of Arts London (now an active illustrator and modern art goods designer) reinterprets Korean tradition combined with modern and sophisticated design. She creates pieces that bring excitement to nostalgia.

The target for the goods are not only teenagers who like something new and humorous but also elders who miss an analogue mechanism. The main theme of graphic used in goods is nostalgia, which is produced in silk printing. This process levels up the quality. They are suited as souvenirs for hotels or airlines and purchase items at museums or shops in art galleries. Because they are light weight and portable being made of Han-ji, they are fit to be popular tourist merchandise.