Parc11 by Parc So-Yoon

Bag is the ultimate 21st-century object of desire for women, especially for who live in the city. A bag gives a woman a unique identity and completes one’s style. It is non-verbal representations of an individual’s character and lifestyle. For this reason, women need a bag that could immediately identify, differentiate and represent herself. It is the raison d’être for Parc11.

Launched by Parc So-Yoon in 2011, the brand offers the finest materials, extraordinary details in design, styles to go from day to night. The fabulous metallic adornments studded with Swarovski crystals can be easily transformed to substituting necklaces and bracelets for an evening occasion considering the busy working woman who has neither the time nor the inclination to make a trip home before the evening to change her jewelry selections.

Parc11 bags are like a Swiss knife. With a bag alone, one may be able to complete the entire outfit. This unique idea is originating from the designer’s unusual career. Over the course of her career, she produced music videos and commercial films, and directed art exhibitions. She was a stylist at one point in her career and involved in interior and jewelry designs too. Her extensive experiences in diversified fields became the source of inspiration for her unique design idea.

Parc11 is assertively a brand for independent working women. It is not a brand that usually picked by men to buy a present for their wives and girlfriends. It is a brand that a woman would recommend to her friends or peers.

From left to right:

1. ‘Fortune’ bag
2. ‘Fur’ bag
3. ‘Hexagon’ bag
4. ‘Island’ bag