British Style Bakery in Seoul

Buam-dong, which appears with its open vistas after passing through the Jahamun tunnel, is a quiet and remote neighborhood surrounded by mountains.  The area began to be spotlighted recently and started to have new chic storefronts and businesses.  But perhaps thanks to the efforts made by the locals to keep its unique identity, the neighborhood has not lost its unique colors despite the new developments. Scoff, a boutique British style bakery located in its winding streets, has captivated passers-by with its buttery scent and sweet sugar aroma.

02_Butter Scone
04_Raspberry Almond Tart

Upon entering the store, there were plentiful lines of mouthwatering scones, cakes and brownies over the oven racks.  I begin to grab those bread and pastries as if I must taste them now or never.  Although those are not chic or sophisticated, I grabbed those items for their rustic British style.  The moment I took a bite of one, I was amazed by the burst of natural flavors.  Breaking the scone’s crisp crust, came a very full buttery scent.  Although the outside layer of the scone was crispy like a biscuit, the inside was surprisingly moist in direct opposition.

A brownie with fluttering sugar flakes, had a deep flavor from its chocolates of high quality, its well baked crust and with a deeply moist inside.  You will discover an unforgettable taste the moment you bite their lemon drizzle cake.  It is filled with a buttery taste resonating with a refreshing citrus feeling in the mouth.  It reminds me of the surprising sharpness of the juicy flavors of Lemon Skittles, which I used to have when I was little.  Combined with a deep butter flavor and crunchy sugar, it created a perfect harmony.  The raspberry almond tart is as charming as the lemon drizzle cake and is a nice harmony of a crispy tarte au sucre, sweet and sour raspberries and crunchy earthy almonds.  These were very different from desserts I have had in other mainstream pastry shops.  They have the flavor and feel of British desserts but don’t overwhelm us with their flavors.  Each dessert beams with its own uniqueness.

05_Creamcheese Brownie
06_Raspberry Brownie
07_Orange Vamila Cake
08_EarlGrey Scone - Copy

Coconut macarons with their fun chewy coconut texture, cream cheese brownies with their almost nutty like flavor and creamy texture, green tea blondies that must have plenty of high quality green tea in them, ginger cakes that will make ginger fans go crazy, brownies with embedded raspberries, orange vanilla cakes with deliciously cut orange slices on top, scones with aromatic earl grey scent… while looking at the pastries  baked with such unique charms on each tray, I doubted that choosing 3 or 4 items would be enough.  You must arrive at this store early in the morning.  If you go there late in the afternoon, you may encounter a tragic situation of the pastries you wanted having been sold out. Whenever I have an excuse to visit this neighborhood, I intentionally go to this store and get a lot of freshly baked scones and cakes.  I freeze them at home to have them later.

09_Scoff Seochon
10_Scoff Seochon

Scoff opened a larger store in Seo-chon early this year.  The flagship store in Buam-dong is a place where people can quickly grab and go, while the Seo-chon location has two floors (1st and 2nd).  The first floor does baking, and the second floor provides a cozy space where customers can enjoy coffee and pastries.

The British cake shop Scoff brings nostalgia to a London lover like me and gives refreshing pleasure to those who have not experienced British style bakeries.  This amazingly charming store should not be missed when you are in Seoul.

  149, Changuimun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 - 19:30 (Closed on Monday)