Clothes that Look like Your Mom Made, ‘Tioom et mère’

Hae-In and Jae-In are identical twins born in 2009. They are studying in the same class in primary: They are best friends of each other though they argue and heal a breach everyday. Being a stylist, I dress children per the time, place and occasion (TPO), rather than just dress them up beautifully. I would always choose clothes that match their own personalities, and that would not restrain their movements. These days, the rise of new retail and marketing channels such as online shopping malls, and Instagram builds up newer and smaller-scaled brands. Among brands launched recently, we would like to focus on Tioom et mère.

Hae-In and Jae-In wearing Tioom et mère.

I was surprised by their dress when I first saw it before the brand launches. It was as though the clothe that was made by my mum using her 80-year-old Singer sewing machine. There was a flat collar on the top of stiff cotton cloth, and the round sleeves were similar to the dress of Diana that ‘Anne of Green Gables’ envied of. The designer of the clothes was born in Nantes, France. She wore the clothes made by her mum since she was small. You might not find a wide variety of items from Tioom et mère, but there are so many splendid pieces as if they are made by the hands of mothers; just like the apron, flat collar dress, shirring blouse with flower patterns, knee-long shorts and knit vest of ‘Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland’.

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Clothes that Look like Your Mom Made, ‘Tioom et mère’


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