Contemporary Korean Women’s Favorite Accessory Brand

Recently I discovered many interesting accessories brands. Among them I cling particularly to this brand called EENK, which can be found almost every stylish woman’s outfit these days in Seoul.

Hyemi Lee, the founder and creative director of EENK has sparkling records in her career. She designed for ‘Jardin de Chouette’, ‘Lucky Chouette’, ‘Monday Edition’, ‘System Homme’, ‘Time Homme’ and etc. She possesses extensive design experience working in a wide array of fashions for women, men, and kids. Her design talent has been honed through her multi-faceted careers.

The characteristics of her design could be described in following words; fashionable but appropriate, idiosyncratic yet refined, and mostly stylish.

EENK (pronounced as ink) was first introduced in 2013, and has showcased an interesting concept for its collection every season. The design for each collection is themed on images and messages that are initialed with each alphabetic character.

Talented Hyemi Lee, who has lots of curiosity not only in fashion but also in living and lifestyle, joined a casual conversation with K-Style Lab.

Describe EENK brand in short words.
It’s a brand that connects one’s taste and emotion, like ink, as Ink imprints messages or images to papers. The Letter Project that showcases items linked to each alphabet character from A to Z is derived from that idea.

What kind of women EENK is primarily catered to?
Those who love their own identities and who enjoy improvisatory mix-and-match. EENK is for women who don’t always want to follow trends or other people’s looks.

How do you come up with an idea for the Letter Project?
I am a woman with lots of curiosity, and insatiable appetite for work. It explains. There are 26 letters in Alphabet, they can create countless motives. I would also like to explore the ambiguous boundary between design and taste.

How would you want your brand to be remembered?
A brand that offers many objects of desire; a brand that is collectible from A to Z, and sought after for many years thereby would remain in someone’s chest as vintage item.

You are one of the most noteworthy designers today. As a designer, what is the charm of women in Seoul?
They are keen to try new trends. They are good at changes. They know how to create their own style. They are the muse of EENK.

What is the concept of this season’s collection?
“Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. The vintage and classic keep immutable values yet look stylish. I will showcase new colours in friendly shapes for “H for Handbag”. I am also planning to create an iPhone case collection for “I for iPhone”. In this year, FW apparel has a plan to introduce collections for I and J.

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