Darakhyu, Korea’s First Capsule Hotel

Taking forty winks during an airport stopover can be a trying experience. Darakhyu by a Korean hotelier, Walkerhill has started its ultra-economical, capsule hotel service at Incheon International Airport on 20th of January. The hotel is designed to improve the convenience of transit and late-night passengers at the international airport.

Located on the first floor of the airport’s transportation center (easily reachable from the immigration terminal by moving-walk) it has 60 rooms, 30 rooms on the east and west each, and a lobby lounge in the junction. The hotel adopted the ‘Keyless’ entry allowing guests to check in and out without stopping at the front desk if reservation was made online.

1.  Hotel view from the transportation center
2. Comfortable lobby lounge

The concept of the hotel was inspired by traditional Korean architecture. Rooms embracing attic-like coziness reflects its unique naming: Darak means ‘attic’ and Hyu meanes ‘rest’. It adopted convenient features from both Western and Eastern style accommodations. The types of rooms are single bed, single bed with shower, double bed and double bed with shower. Rooms are varying in size from 4.3㎡ (1.3 py) to 6㎡ (1.8 py) depending on types. Shared bathrooms are offered for guests who stay at rooms without a shower booth. The size of single bed with shower is 6.3㎡ (1.9py).

3. Business Center equipped PCs and printers
4. Hotel corridor in classical design

Room rates range from KRW 7,700 per hour, depending on the type of the room, with minimum 3 hours stay. Double bed with shower booth costs KRW 75,000 per night (12 hours). Rooms are equipped with Simmons mattresses and smartphone enabled lighting and temperature controls, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth speakers. In particular, the rooms limit the noise levels very low to maintain complete privacy. Darakhyu received 200 reservations on the opening day and is already anticipating popular demands.

5. Interior of room that maintains complete privacy

  1/F, Transportation center, Incheon Intenational Airport
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