BARON OH by Oh Baron

Cutting down her mother’s skirt, she made her first skirt at the age of five.

Sat down next to her grandmother, who designed Hanbok(traditional Korean dresses) for Yuk Young Soo, First Lady of Korea from 1960’s to 1970’s, she watched and learnt her fine stiching, delicate taste of texture and keen sense of colour.

Her name, Oh Baron, has a meaning of ‘righteousness to the world’ in Korean. She became an elaborate fashion designer who makes clothes aestehetically stylish by stripping an object of all pretensions. Her favorite material is ‘Nobang’, very thin, stiff and crisp Korean traditional silk. Her aim is to design clothes with Nobang so that it can revive as the most unique and contemporary fabric.

Baron Oh’s clothes embodies European sensuality and Korean aura owing to her fashion education in Italy and previous career as a designer in Fendi headquarter.
The style conjured by mix of these two cultural elements is oddly ‘loveliness’, as her clothes exhibit.

Her international marketability increased as she was participating various trade shows essentially Paris ‘Who’s Next’, ‘Rendez-Vous Femme’, ‘Atmosphere’, Singapore ‘Blueprint’ and so forth. She targets the niche segment rather than the mass market by showcasing her collection mainly at ‘trunk shows’ in five-star hotel rooms, attracting customers who prefer to be prestigious.

Braon Oh’s fashion fuses inspirations from Korean traditional patchwork quilts and from Mark Rothko’s paintings. Her embroidery of Phoenix and Camellia on translucent silk of her clothes looks like tattoos on fair skin. Her clothes are touching us like breezes that gently ripple on a calm lake.

* Pop-up Period
November 2016 ~ April 2017: Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
July ~ December 2017: KSL pop-up boutique, 67 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong

1. All season best seller ‘Hot dollar’ dress
2. ‘La belle’ skirt matched with ‘Madame’ blouse
3. ‘Unbreakable’ leather vest
4. ‘Jolie mademoiselle’ bolero jacket and skirt ensemble

Do you remember your first debut stage?
It was February 2009 in Paris Auction House. It was an collaboration exhibition with other designers. My first solo showcase was a small fashion show at Samcheong-dong in 2010.
What would you do now if you were not a designer?
A dreamer.
Why did you choose to be a fashion designer?
My mother and my grandmother were Korean dressmakers, and they always advised me to make western clothes. Actually, I never thought of doing anything else.
How can you describe the joy you feel as a designer?
There are always so many things to learn in fashion designing, one after another. It’s like a highly complicated puzzle, giving me the joy of working out slow and steady.
What is your favorite part from planning and sales?
Organizing a collection. It’s like solving difficult math problems. I am overjoyed when I found the right answer.
What do you think fashion is?
A dream. It is absurd, but still it’s a piece of myself. People wear clothes within the limit of their imagination.
What do you think about the well-designed clothes?
Clothes that show styles that have fresh and far-out ideas, which make me slap my knee.
How could you describe your customers?
They are very delicate and sensitive.
What is your signature design or item?
An hourglass silhouette dress with a small v-neckline.
What do you want to tell us about your own unique material?
I don’t like synthetic chemical fibers. They are unpleasant to the touch. Beautiful clothes are good, but comfortable and pleasant clothes are much better for me. The 70 or 80 percent of my collections is made of silk.
What is your source of inspiration?
Going on a trip.
What is your unforgettable clothes or collection?
My first clothes. It was a blouse for my baby doll, made of leftover pieces of silver gray silk. I started my own collection because my Italian friends adored my clothes and asked me to sell.
How can you describe Baron Oh’s femininity?
My customer base has various age groups from 20s to 60s. In spite of their age difference, they all agree that my style has a kind of absolute elegance and grace. You can define Baron Oh’s femininity as calm and subtle tenderness of Korean traditional design.
How do you want to be remembered in the future?
A designer who is remembered as ‘Baron Oh Look’.
What is your most beautiful image in mind?
The ocean in its cobalt blue that I encountered in Spain. I fell in love with the beauty of Nature in its primitive state. It was the moment I rediscovered cobalt blue color.
How can you epitomize the world of Baron Oh?
A secret garden.
What dream do you want to realize in the future?
I always feel happy when I make clothes. I hope this happiness go on ever after.
What is your motto on life?
Why not?’