BIG PARK by Park Youn-Soo

Park Youn-Soo made his debut in 1980 as a Gold Prize winner at a Fashion Contest hosted by a major daily newspaper in South Korea. In 1990, he became one of the founding members of S.F.A.A.(Seoul Fashion Artists Association) what was today’s ‘Seoul Fashion Week’ back then. As of 2016, he showcased total 54 collections. He launched the ‘Park Youn-Soo All Style’ in 1985 and has tried every possibility that fashion can imagine, including splendid colors, urbane chic, strong military look, provocative funk, freewheeling hippie, unconventional bisexual, futuristic high-tech silhouette etc. Today, ‘Park Youn-Soo Collection’ inherits the legacy of ‘Park Youn-Soo All Style’, a heritage fashion brand in South Korea.

Park’s early career was propelled by his vigorous young spirit and inspirations flowing from the robust energy. His career finally found its way to success in London, 2012 as he launched his unique casual brand ‘BIG PARKk’. BIG PARK is experimental and creative, inspired by adventurous lifestyle. The collaboration with ‘July Column’, an art studio run by Park’s two daughters, added the brand more intensity and exuberance and vastly contributed to stamping BIG PARK’s brand awareness.

The agitated post-punk and new wave movement in the 1980’s, grunge rock of the 1990’s, Futurism in the 2000’s, the street consciousness and rap music culture in 2010’s. These periodic keywords are all infused in BIG PARK’s style.

Park recalls that he had merely found his innermost peace while he walked back from the garment marketplace in Cheonggye Stream in Seoul, that he wore his high school uniform hat at a rakish angle to look to be cool, and that he liked to ride a bicycle. I can assure clothes designed by such character are in no way any less than dynamic and fun.

* Pop-up Period
November 2016 ~ April 2017: Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
July ~ December 2017: KSL pop-up boutique, 67 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong

1 & 2 – Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
3 & 4 – Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

What was the date of your first fashion show?
The most memorable show, and one of the notable events that became a turning-point of my career was in April 1986. I was insignificant designer. No one recognized my name. It was a show that exclusively showcased cottons. Another event I recall so clearly was when I showcased my collection in S.F.A.A., October, 1990.
Why did you choose to be a fashion designer?
Connection! Fashion designers connect dots in the past and the future, and it extends to ‘newer me’.
What is most exciting moment in your fashion design career?
Two minutes on runway.
What do you think fashion is?
Living a life like a movie.
What are well-designed clothes?
The clothes with lines that never bore you. The clothes that look better and better in time..
How would you describe the customers of your brand ?
They are manias who enjoys a special look. Assertive. People with strong self-expression
What is the signature design item in your collection?
A rider jacket and ‘genderless’ coats which appeal to men and women
Anything to say about clothing materials?
Materials are what every designer aspires to. They are recipes of my blend. I am interested in popular materials. I am into developing new materials these days, such as polyester materials that appeals to be silk to the senses. Cotton is nice material to make clothes. I like denim too.
What inspires you for your designs?
Travel. Travel inspires the creativity.
What is the most memorable piece you designed throughout your fashion design career?
The fur dress with phoenix embroidery designed around early 2000’s.
What do you think while designing your clothes?
I always think new. I am always obsessed with anything new. My obsession gives strength to keep myself from complacent attitude. It compels me to move forward.
What is your pursuit of femininity?
I am still in search for the answer. I strive to know the answer.
Whom do you wish that you will be remembered by?
Never thought about that.
How do you define beauty?
Being natural.
What is your stance for the future?
I must build a passage that has never been existed. Today, generation is getting younger, and it is only possible to go forward by obtaining the knowledge and sharing it.
What is your motto?
Setting everything in order, not only objects but mindset as well.
What would you describe your design philosophy in short?
The star in a movie.