BOURIE by Jo Eunhye

When I finally had a chance to interview her, I asked. What do you dislike the most? She replied “injustice”. And I murmured to her fortuitous answer, “injustice it is…”. Then she said that her brand name, BOURIE literally means “Injustice” in Korean. By signifying the acts of injustice (as she named her brand so), she would achieve the paradoxical effect of making them a detestable sin”. I certainly grew even more curious about this extraordinary designer.

She studied music having a degree in composition, followed by fashion design education. She recalls that her visit to a place called 10 Corso Como was one of the most compelling moments in her life. She spotted a jacket there from Comme des Garçons which looked awfully uncomfortable and grotesque. Much to her surprise, it actually felt very comfortable and fit incredibly well. It was an inspiration to her. And later that day, she learned the designers in Comme des Garçons are mostly pattern designers with the capability to design clothes.

catwalk 01

During her second year in fashion design education, she decided to go to Paris and enrolled herself in AICP. After her return, she did not join in the fashion industry, instead, she opened a Café. The experience running her own business might have contributed to the style of her design. Her design is rather articulate while sustaining aesthetics of the ‘unfinished’. It thus is what distinguishes her design.

Amongst many exaggerated and over-thrilled clothing designs of today, hers is modest yet intriguing and affluent with a power to tell rich stories. Her clothes are extremely well patterned and make the shape of one’s body refined with a hint of Asian influence. I would put it this way; her clothes are like songs you sing for a slow progress and honesty.

* Pop-up Period
September ~ December 2017: KSL pop-up boutique, 67 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong

catwalk 02
Do you remember the day of your first runway show?
The first time has no meaning to me. But the first time I showcased my wardrobe design was when I won the competition in the second year of study at SADI. My life has much changed ever since.
Why did you choose designer as a job?
Got many reasons. I’ve always loved craft, and I’d wanted to do it well. Music couldn’t completely sate my thirst. Then I became a designer with a stroke of luck. Had it been wonderful to have a clear reason why I chose to be a designer, but I am afraid that it might as well exhaust my wish so soon.
What joy do you get from being a designer?
When the design application is turned out as I envisioned. There’s nothing more exciting than the first minute I see the exact fit came about. The sum of these minutes is about ten hours in a year.
 What do you think is fashion?
Fashion design is the art of creating alter ego for whom the clothes are designed. It’s to create the person’s secondary personality and to depict whose self-perception, traits and characteristics.
What are well-designed clothes?
It is the design that I can visualise on someone. It should also fit well. Good pattern design makes well-fitted clothes.
What is your signature design or item?
Coats and garments made with felt wool.
What would you like to say about fabrics?
The most difficult part in making clothes is fabric selection process. It is rather subjective, and I would choose ones based on my experiences.
What inspires you the most when you work on your design?
People. Everything will conclude with people.
What is on your mind when you design?
How to create harmonies. And I would think if it would make me beautiful wearing them. I often have many kaleidoscopic thoughts.
How would you like to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as one who is entirely responsible for all the images BOURIE has offered.
What is your life motto?
None. I hate to define anything.
Describe designer Jo Eunhye’s world of fashion in a single word.
I don’t know. Even though I knew, I wish it didn’t. I don’t like defining.

WRITTEN BY : LEE SOWA (Contributor)