Heich es Heich by Han Sang-Hyuk

Han Sang-Hyuk is the first individual who showcased one’s own collection among all fashion designers work-for-hire in big corporate brands. He is a motivator who proved that corporate brands can be also creative. His style is well illustrated with a word, ‘eclectic’, rooted to an area between ‘unique’ and ‘commercial’. Some of his wardrobes have been worn by key characters from popular TV dramas such as ‘Princess Hours’ and ‘Boys Over Flowers’. However, he has become widely known as one of the judges for ‘Korea’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Project Runway Korea’.

Launched in 2014, HEICH ES HEICH offers a complete wardrobe with innovative ideas. As to the brand name, HEICH ES HEICH is the first letters of each word of his name H. S. H., taking the eighth letter of the alphabet and pronounce it heitch giving a phonetic twist as was pronounced in old British English.

HEICH ES HEICH speaks to the ambiguity of gender, “Androgynous,” as the brand’s collection was particularly named as such. The inspiration starts from ambiguity of gender codes, between man and woman. Further expanded is the idea to a concept namely ‘BETWEEN’. It explores the niche  area between adult and kid, past and future, and art and technology. ‘BETWEEN’ is the designer’s principal designing concept in his collection, interpreted in a neat and witty manner.

The designer, Han, has honed his skills at a string of fashion brands both homeland and abroad. Immediately after the brand launch, HEICH ES HEICH has taken the local fashion scene by storm with genderless tailoring, simplified fit, and a mix of classic silhouettes and modern detailing. With an addition of the latest sub-brand for younger consumers called HEICH BLADE, HEICH ES HEICH has taken its operations to a new level employing elements of the popular ‘Street Fashion’ into the boundary.

Han’s wardrobe designs for man even attract envy of women. Especially, lapels of the leather jackets and coats that are tailored to fit as if moulded to the body seem to be a magical combination of three-dimensional geometric forms into the two-dimensional surface.

Refined lines that embrace the body, and vibrant colours with ideas full of wit, his collection showcases unforgettable scenes of the designer’s creative imagination. I am always thrilled to see a new collection of HEICH ES HEICH as it never fails to find an appropriate value between comfortable and formal styles in his own manner.

* Pop-up Period
November 2016 ~ April 2017: Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
July ~ December 2017: KSL pop-up boutique, 67 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong

1 & 2 – Genderless mode in pin stripe outfits
3 & 4 – Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

What is the most memorable show you ever had?
My fourth show in 2007 of which theme was ‘Growing Up’. I showcased my stories of growing up conjoining series of episodes with clothes, videos, performances and music (mainly Korean songs).
Why did you choose to be fashion designer?
Because it’s what I do best. Imagining is as important as sketching. When I dress a model with my new design, would it fit? Then how would it fit? What kind of impression will it give? and so on. Imagination such as how to place a handkerchief on a suit pocket is most appealing is a fun thought process..
How can you describe the joy you feel as a designer?
It makes me happy when I see my design portrays various looks on different bodies and characters.
What do you think fashion is?
Fashion is passion, or the essence of what you love
What do you think well-designed clothes are?
The clothes that suits the dresser. The designer’s creative work is important, but clothes truly shine when they met a right dresser who would fit in them perfectly. .
How could you describe your customers?
Very different from others and distinguished. They are who have matured fashion sense, and those who value tailoring. .
What is your signature design or item?
Jackets and coats.
Anything to say about clothing materials?
I like wools. I use them a lot. They look gorgeous and refined. The lines in wool clothing flows and stops where it must..
What is your source of inspiration?
Whatever tortures me now. A pile of thoughts mingled in agonies. Difficulties I face as I grow older. Difficulties I face because I am younger. Episodes about man and woman, and the strong and the weak.
What is your unforgettable clothes or collection?
The knit cardigan and blazer jacket showcased in my fourth show. They are unique that the knit has threads wound up around the cloth, and the jacket has lapels that perfectly stick to the body surface as if they are glued..
What do you think while you are designing clothes?
The look of the person who will wear them.
How would you define beauty?
Cleanness. When beauty is instilled in a cleaned and well-organised space, the beauty will be magnified.
How can you epitomize the world of HEICH ES HEICH?
Intelligent wardrobes that everybody can enjoy (if one has the taste for them).
What do you wish to achieve in the future?
I’d like to organise a group of artists and make it into a promotion company for fashion designers.