J Apostrophe by Lee Jiyeon & Lee Jiseon

J Apostrophe is a minimalist fashion brand headed by two sister designers, Jiyeon and Jiseon Lee. Luxe fabrics, feminine twists, and avant-garde cuts are keywords that best describe their style. They produce gorgeous, appealing and trendsetting designs with a high fashion look and feel. Signature items are apparels and bags.

The older sister Jiyeon studied fashion in Marangoni Institute of Fashion in Milano after graduating Ewha Woman’s University, the most accoladed woman’s colleges in South Korea. During her Marangoni years, she majored in accessories design. After graduating from Marangoni, she worked for Brera, followed by moving to Lanvin Collection as a bag designer.

The younger sister Jiseon was the winner of 2007 Miss Korea Beauty Pageant. She graduated from Parsons School of Design with honours. The knitwear she designed, for her final year project in Parsons, was selected to showcase on the main show window of Saks Fifth Avenue New York. After graduating from Parsons, she teamed up with her sister whose passion lies in bags and launched J Apostrophe in 2011. Jiseon oversees apparel line focused on knitwear, whereas her sister, Jiyeon designs primarily handbags specializes in clutch bags using the highest quality leather with luxurious details. She also designs accessories for the brand. ‘J’ in their brand name, J Apostrophe, was picked up from the initial of two sisters.

Their 2013 Fall/Winter Collection received a great deal of attention albeit being the first show in their career. Knit clothing line embellished with fine stitching, dresses made with unique fabrics along with blouses with romantic and feminine edge are the biggest contributors to success of the brand. Reflecting simplicity with controlled silhouette and color, their designs are of urban modernism instilled with warmth and luxury. J sisters expanded the business into introducing a sister brand, J by J, which offers more affordable price tags.

The life force of J Apostrophe is concealed in the feminine twist, progressive, yet as if sweetness is at the helm. By far the brand has been en route success and became a recognised brand name among female fashionistas. Recently the sisters won the highest honour at the 2015 KOLSA, Korea Lifestyle Award, for the best fashion brand.

The beauty, passion, urban, trendy, simplicity, elegant, comfortable and luxurious are keywords that reflect the lifestyle in which modern women inclined to live.
J Apostrophe offers pretty much everything that a woman stays in that lifestyle. If you want to incorporate you into feminine avant-garde style, J Apostrophe is a good place to begin with.

* Pop-up Period
November 2016 ~ April 2017: Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
July ~ December 2017: KSL pop-up boutique, 67 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong

1 & 2 – Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
3 & 4 – Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Do you remember your first debut stage?
It was the third week of February, 2013. The collection embracing simple silhouettes and glamourous details fused into contradictory elements that are both feminine and masculine.
What would you do now if you were not a designer?
Jiseon: I would run a small farm raising my children surrounded with many animals.
Jiyeon: I think I would be a career woman with passion in her work
Why did you choose to be a fashion designer?
Jiseon: No particular event that triggered my career as a fashion designer. I was confident that I would be good at it. I tried, and it was fun. Confidence and concentration are critical factors to enjoy the job.
Jiyeon: I had to do something with my hand. I need to be preoccupied. I was seeking for a job that keeps on creating and inspiring. Fashion design was all about creating such energy.
What is the joy you feel as a designer?
Jiseon: Inspiration to create something new. Being responsive and sensitive about the trend and culture.
Jiyeon: I am drawn to the moment that I finally hold the sample in my hand after having worked and struggled with designs for months. That is such a fulfilling moment.
How would you define fashion?
Jiseon: Fashion is you. Can you not determine a person based on his or her style and outfit in some degrees?
Jiyeon: Fashion is a method of self-expression. It does not only belong to those who are in the fashion industry.
How would you describe the customers of your brand?
Jiseon: Smart
Jiyeon: Variety of customers from career women in their 20s and 30s to housewives. They are stylish, chic and romantic.
What is the signature item in your collection?
Jiseon: Details planted in the controlled silhouette.
Jiyeon: Knitwears in the winter; Chiffon blouses and Linen shirts in the summer.
Anything to say about clothing materials?
Jiseon: My principal is that ‘never compromise on materials’. I do not bargain in materials or change the combination of fabrics to keep the cost down. Clothes need to be favoured and worn frequently.
Jiyeon: I concentrate on finding luxe fabrics to meet the reasonable price point. I like natural fabrics, such as linen. As to the handbag, I would normally pick imported calf or lamb skin leather from Italy.
What inspires you for your designs?
Jiseon: As seasons turn, inspiration strikes me. It can be anything such as a field of profession, a silhouette or details.
Jiyeon: I try to experience excursions and exhibitions as much as I can. Conversation with my sister inspires me. Cinema is great for inspiration too.
What do you think while designing your clothes?
Jiseon: I draw a big picture in which personal details would interact with integral parts of collection.
Jiyeon: Try maintain the signature of the brand.
How can you describe J Apostrophe’s femininity?
Jiseon: Controlled expression.
Jiyeon: Practical but unique.
How do you want to be remembered in the future?
Jiseon: A designer who was steadily preferred by everywoman in the globe that is connected as one through the Internet.
Jiyeon: A designer who is bold and creative.
What is your most beautiful image in mind?
Jiseon: Natural.
Jiyeon: Unexaggerated
What do you want to accomplish in the future?
Jiseon: To better understand preference and expectation of young women from various places in the world in this generation.
Jiyeon: To put everything in J Apostrophe. I would like to make J Apostrophe a great and successful brand.
 What is your motto on life?
Jiseon: One needs something to give everything to live life fuller.
Jiyeon: Beginning and end are equally important. Patience is what continues to drive business.
How can you epitomize the world of J Apostrophe?
Jiseon: A beautiful method of expressing myself.
Jiyeon: Passion.