MÜNN by Han Hyunmin

There was a boy who’d liked to draw since he was little. He later studied visual design longing for becoming a commercial film director. And yet it wasn’t until during his military service that he’s determined his career goal. After the countless nights of pondering, he turned to become a fashion designer. As he was discharged from the military, he signed up on the fashion design course at SADI. Being inspired by arts outside of fashion fields, his design was developed under the concept of  ‘unfamiliar direction.’

He had a firm belief that if a designer was organizing to present a collection, he or she should know how to showcase and to offer a fantasy to the audience. Armed with his proven confidence, his career was gradually advancing toward success. He finally became recognized for his achievement when he received the accolade of being a finalist for the International Wool Mark Prize. He furthers to expand his ability as he was commissioned to design the uniforms for several leading companies

He gave a strong impression to buyers and press with a height of his perfection and sensitivity. Albeit priced higher than the competitions, he is one of few designers always scores high sales in the market.

He continuously seeks after collaboration opportunities with other brands specialized in accessories, shoes and bags as he is particularly drawn to the totalitarian outfit, the look that gives a uniformity from head-to-toe. This ambitious and astute designer has his undivided loyalty and love to fashion, and clamored “Fashion, I am a precarious fool to know nothing but you!”


We’ve found that one of the greatest ways to have a magnetic and attractive personality is to be genuine and passionate about something. Having observed him for some time, I found him a proper model for such example.

Han Hyunmin is a noteworthy designer. He lives surrounded by garments, pattern papers and scissors while many others are competing with marketing trickeries in the SNS realm, where commercial calculation and PR competitions are dominated.

In his design philosophy, I found irrefutable verity. Nothing’s more attractive for a consumer’s standpoint. MÜNN is not just a clothing brand, whereby clothes are mere seasonal purchases, but is a representation of his uncompromised EGO.

* Pop-up Period
September ~ December 2017: KSL pop-up boutique, 67 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong

Do you remember the day of your first runway show?
It was a show in the form of a presentation in autumn and winter of 2014.
Why did you choose to become a fashion designer?
I liked to paint and showed some talent for it since I was a child. I chose fashion, because it involves activities that can have my own name.
What is the pleasure of living as a fashion designer?
Creating something is always fun. When the reaction to my collection is good, I feel proud and rewarded. I find the satisfactions and even the regrets fun.
What do you think fashion is?
I still believe in the fantasy that fashion provides. It is not just the ‘clothing’ that simply covers the body, which is referred to in the necessities of life, ‘food, clothing and shelter.’
What are well-designed clothes?
Clothes that could be well communicated. Clothes that have customers who know how to be moved by parts where designers have put their hearts.
How would you describe the customers of your brand?
The number of customers has been steadily increasing since the first season. They know my intentions and values.
What is the signature design item in your collection?
Selvage detail (The part where the information of the fabric is written at the edge of the fabric).
Any comments about clothing material?
I aim for the high-end. I only use top qualities for all materials and subsidiary materials.
What inspires you for your designs?
I like to get inspired by industries other than fashion, such as pure art and independent films.
What do you think while designing your clothes?
I imagine final clothes products from the time I sketch. I would like to provide new experiences to those who buy clothes from MÜNN.
Whom do you wish that you will be remembered by?
I am not into becoming a commercially rich person. I would first like to be recognized abroad like Woo Young Mi and Jung Wook Jun. Then I would like to become the first Korean house creative director overseas.
What dream have you achieved? What forthcoming achievement do you wish to make?
I have accomplished short-term goals such as moving into a creative studio, making my debut on the Seoul Collection and being selected for Seoul’s 10 Soul. I have really worked hard.
What is your motto?
Being tough on myself, being generous to others.
If you can describe MÜNN style in one word, what would that be?
Making things unfamiliar, unfamiliarly making sense.