PARTsPARTs by Imseonoc

Fashion and art: the fashion inspired by the distinct design philosophy and the art made easy for everyone. Realistic while maintaining futuristic vision, Imseonoc is more than a fashion designer. She is a visionary and a creator.

She was Costume Director of Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, and Costume Director of Korean Cultural Performance in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Numerous collaborations and exhibitions with many Korean modern museums, Costume Designer for the musical version of the popular Korean TV series ‘Daejanggeum’ (Jewel in the Palace), and so on. He name has been always associated with the words, ‘culture’ and ‘art’. Designer Imseonoc’s career has been an endless march toward innovation and creation since she made her successful debut as a rising designer at Seoul Collection in 1998 by invitation of S.F.A.A.(Seoul Fashion Artists Association).

Imseonoc began her second era of fashion design career in 2011, as she launched her own collection, PARTsPARTs. Ever since has she been in the spotlight for breaking the stereotypes of fashion design. She takes an ambitious and innovative aim of formulating ‘create zero waste’ concept. It is a strategy to minimize material waste at the stage of designing process. The designing process is usually composed of choosing various seasonal fabrics, getting orders from customers, and making clothes. For this strategy, the designer chooses the material ‘Neoprene’, which is mainly used in making wet diving suits, and takes full advantage of its easy and clean-cut feature. She designs all parts of clothes meticulously so that there would not be any leftover, and then, instead of stitching them together, she assembles them by ‘high pressure bonding method’, gathering and bonding all parts by giving high pressure at the seams. This method makes her clothes in a perfect minimal line, giving the impression of fantastic and cute costumes which seem to be straight out of the sci-fi fictions. That’s why Imseonoc’s clothes are functional and stylish.

PARTsPARTs shows avant-garde aesthetics without losing functionality and convenience. Its style is minimal but not without impact, looks flat yet multi-dimensional. Age does not matter when choosing her clothes. Her unique style fits all age groups. Imseonoc surely stands out amongst Korean designers for her valuable efforts to create her own modern beauty and to minimize the volume of waste.

* Pop-up Period
November 2016 ~ April 2017: Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
July ~ December 2017: KSL pop-up boutique, 67 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong
27 April ~ 6 May 2018: ‘The Conscious Collective’ pop-up event, 218 Hollywood road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

1 & 2 – Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
3 & 4 – Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

What was the date of your first fashion show?
I had my first show in SeMA (Seoul Museum of Art) in October 1988. I remember having the rehearsal before the dawn. It was very cold
What would you be if you were not a fashion designer?
An architect.
Why did you choose to be a fashion designer?
It is a marvelous job that turns concept into reality.
What is the pleasure of living as a fashion designer?
It is difficult to live as a fashion designer, but work progress makes my heart flutter.
 What is fashion?
A transformation.
How would you describe the customers of your brand?
Each and every one of them are ‘innovators’.
What is the signature design or item of ‘PARTSPARTS’?
Anything to say about clothing materials?
‘PARTSPARTS’ mainly uses polyester to create both comfortable and stylish clothes.
In terms of designing, what inspires you the most?
A lifestyle-wear that contains future-oriented qualities with the brand philosophy.
What do you focus on when designing?
I focus on the idea of presenting the ever-evolving ‘Next Fashion’ in the non-trend era.
What is the feminine side of ‘PARTSPARTS’?
PARTsPARTs keepts to stay neutral.
In the future, how do you want to be remembered?
A fashion innovator.
How do you define ‘beauty’?
Beauty is a neatness with insight.
What is your next step?
My innovation will continue.
What is your motto that leads you?
Tomorrow’s me is a new ‘me’.
How do you describe your fashion in one word?