Attention Grabbers from 2017 F/W Menswear (2)

Sometimes you just cannot take your eyes off of a piece of clothing. The fact that it’s from a menswear collection only adds to the appeal. A second story of men’s fashion that enticed K- Style Lab following the first one from last week.

Modern classic (SONG ZIO)

– Trim, dandy look that reminds of the American western era

– Dignity of a beautifully cut three-piece suit

– Single jacket with smallish buttons in a row is finished with a classic velvet ribbon tie while low hung pants and walker boots add sensual appeal. Amid the sea of street fashion the formal outfit tinged with nostalgia demonstrates the beauty of a proper suit

Wandering Poet in 21st Century (MÜNN)

– Full and thick muffler in magenta tops off the style

– Cuff-like details spotted on the edge of the muffler

– Black and white houndstooth pattern and a guitar patch is a chic nod to good old times

– Checkered pattern and wide pants strike a good match

– A tasteful casual look

Thoroughly Chic Future Warrior (RESURRECTION)

– A composed harmony of a variety of items and materials

– Deep blue plaids tastefully fuse with grey and black

– A unique blouson with chic military flair created after a multiple attempt that tried varying gun flaps of a trench, modified hood and shorter jacket length.

– Pants with a distinctive tailoring such as diagonal closure and minimal silhouette

Black and Red (MOOYUL)     

– Smart mix of street fashion with funk

– Bandana shirt peeking out from under a stripe t-shirt is fresh. Paired with a solid pair of black pants, the strong elements form an intense trio

– Lines on choices from the movie “Trainspotting” on the patch appliquéd over the t-shirt

– Desirable outsider fashion

Duality (ROCKET X LUNCH)  

– Kudos to the designer who articulates duplicity in the design by adding a special reflective fabric that draws attention (exposure) to a pair of camouflage printed pants that blends into the forest (concealment)

– An atypical cardigan that tricks eyes as if there is a sweater underneath (adding a blue knit piece to the hem so that it won’t weigh down the clothes)

– Vivid blue color that screams attention

– Would look sexy on a woman