Belt, a Little Leader Standing in The Middle

Belt, generally speaking, is a band worn around the waist to secure trousers from getting loose, but it is actually more than what it is, if you know how to belt clothes. I pay attention purposefully to its functions in shaping shirts. Belts are used to make a shapeless outfit look sleek. They hold shirts in place and prevent them from hovering around the body. Belting gives an edge to the outfit, and is a good solution for shirts with volume around the middle.

Belting also serves a purpose to shorten the length of a long shirt. Tucking it into the belt and taking it out slightly will suddenly make a new impression (a good reason to have a wide belt). Creases rendered by belting over the garment would make your shirts even come natural. Belting also plays another significant role as it allows to break through boredom of same coloured outfits from top to bottom, as belts would divide outfits and disperse visual attention. Wearing a belt above your natural waist would even make your legs look longer.

When belting, it is critical to understand the colour harmony with other matching pieces. Pairing colours of belts and shoes is unquestionable. They don’t have to always match but waist and feet should be coordinated, at least, in a similar colour range to amp up your style. You shall own different belts in different sizes and colours. The more choices you have, the easier to create chic style. Belting is not only an anchor but also a focal point. It is an essential element to refresh your mood and look.