Brooch, the Admirable All-round Player

Brooches seemed to me one of the most mediocre accessories with its stereotypical position at the chest section of a classical jacket. One day, however, I encountered an image from a fashion magazine with a double-take. The image suggested a whole new way of using brooches. A star-shaped brooch was pinned at the model’s shoulder to hold and fix the rolling sleeves of a T-shirt. Serendipity! The image changed the way I look at brooches ever after. This unexpected functionality of a brooch made my fashion style more creative and dynamic. Brooches had become quite indispensable to my everyday fashion.

There are many places to put brooches. Pinning up the low-plunging neckline with a brooch will make you look graceful and dignified. You can also tighten the leftover of a loose T-shirt by smartly putting a brooch to either side of your waist or your back. Indeed, the true value of a brooch lies in its functionality. Actually this is not a surprise. Brooches originated from Ancient Roman’s safety pin called ‘Fibula’, which was used to tuck up the wrinkled train of long drapery-like garments called ‘Toga’.

It is not too much to say that the place to put a brooch is as important as the brooch’s design itself. Stereotypically pinned brooches in the name of ‘femininity’ are monotonous and dull. Brooches can be placed everywhere, such as on a hair ribbon or at the corner of a cloth bag. What else in the field of accessories could we find a multifaceted player like a brooch, which possesses the functional efficiency and the decorative skill at the same time?