Enchanting the Winter

One thing missing in a lifestyle in the country where summer is the only season is enchantment of the winter fashion. One may become sluggish in the winter for putting thicker clothing because of its heavy volume would disrupt freer movement of body. The massive outfit destress one’s desire for styling.

Nevertheless, the outfit that gracefully embraces the body to keep it warm is unquestionably enchanting: The silk scarf that streamlines upon the winter coat does not only keep the neck warm from the cold climate but also adds a light on the fashion as if it were a small lighthouse that shines on the outfit. A hand-entwined wool scarf leaves the touch of warmness on the outfit, a colorful synthetic knit scarf adds an accent, and a comfy soft cashmere scarf completes the winter fashion.

The winter coat sharply holds up the edges and fixes tedious silhouette of inner layers. Grey is a popular color in the winter wardrobes. The grey always stands-out in the winter and its profound style never grows old-fashioned. It is obviously not a cheerful color but does give hint of fashionable sense by adding subtle contour between the top and the bottom.
The style of the winter fashion also welcomes electrifying colors that are not so comfortable for daily picks. The winter chill tends to dilute the strong such color and magically transform it into a magnetizing characteristic. As last but not least, the boots are critical elements to live through the winter. The boots that wrap around the legs underneath the knee-line performs optical illusion to help legs look longer.

These are the reasons why winter fashion raises two thumbs up amongst the stylish people without regards to cultural perspective and the borders. The sounds of heavy breath of winter clothes that wrap around the body always excites me.