Handbag, Chic Portable Safety

In the 19th-century France, home of preeminent couturiers, the term “purse” referred to an embellished small pouch. That small pouch has evolved fearlessly ever since. Now, as a fashion accessory, purse or handbag if you will, can be categorized according to the type of shapes, materials, styles, sizes, uses and etc., and product ranges are far more diversified than you think of. Almost every designer brand, out of a myriad, has their handbag collection, and even small retailers make their own handbags and burst into a competitive marketplace which is already with an excess amount of inventory to sell.

In the early 1990s, the identity of handbags was merely one of accessories to support outfits. Over the past years, demand for the handbag and purse manufacturing industry has surged, and the top designer brands started to introduce their signature bags or it-bags (It-bags varies from season to season). Some bags rose to popularity all of a sudden and they are everywhere next day; Magazines are filled with pages of enticing advertisements of handbag brands.

Despite the varying reasons behind a handbag’s rise to popularity there’s no denying that we’re always trying to get our hands on the something that does not afford most of us. New clothes at wardrobe department in the top designer brands are not easily affordable, so we would often take more affordable items such as handbags for our substitutive satisfaction.

Glams of handbags shine everywhere. One of the most captivating fashion items in celebrities’ airport style is the handbag whether it is a clutch bag, cross body or back pack. A silhouette of a woman holding a handbag is an art form. A woman’s handbag represents herself. Bags are expressive and easily suggest characteristics of owners. Some have luxury taste and some value for practicality. Some are brand-oriented and some would opt for light-weighted. As a conclusion, in my everlasting passion to handbags, I do believe that handbags are inheritable. I would only look after them for a next-generation successor to whom the handbags are passed on, as handbags don’t care about size and shape of the body of the person who’s holding them.