Importance of Clothing

What would happen if clothes disappear from our lives? People will hesitate to go out of their house. They will not meet each other. Sooner or later, styles and trends will cease to exist.

I am often questioned why I have an emotional attachment to clothes. I would respond that clothes should be honoured as they cover the part of our body that should be covered and help reveal those parts that need to be revealed. Clothes can improve one’s appearances by hiding flaws of the body and highlighting the merits. This is my reasoning why I make a great deal about clothing. Besides, it does not feel bad at all to look good.

I believe that what we wear becomes what we are. We could guess one’s profession and social status, characters, tastes and style sense by observing what he or she wear. Clothes have psychic ability to guide us to one’s élan vital. They reflect how one’s day is made of, as they contain the vital information about the day’s weather, one’s agenda and the mood. Like them or not, our everyday clothes and style is a representation of our values, lifestyles and ourselves.

Clothing is simply a form of non-verbal communication. If you knew how to dress properly depending on the occasion, you would be complimented “stylish”. As such, it is neither easy nor difficult to be stylish: Developing your own sense of style by discovering intrinsic natures of clothes can be enjoyable if you understand characteristics and functions of them.

More importantly, it adds confidence as you figure out more and more what you are comfortable in, what you like best on yourself, what suits you and how to style your clothes in a unique way. Having confidence is gratifying quality, and it is why I am enarmored with clothes.