Jacket, the Savior of One’s Face

In general, jackets are masculine, however when worn by women, they become quite feminine. A jacket draped on woman’s shoulders is somehow alluring. It gives you the feeling of being protected. Also, even adds a touch of formality to the combination of jeans and a t-shirt (regardless of what you are wearing underneath). A jacket is a protector, with much valor, of one’s shoulders. It provides strength and confidence.

Women’s jackets slowly revealed themselves to the society around the 1800s. Considering how jackets were worn on top of the long full skirts as symbol of dignity and formality back in the day, women of those days would be jealous of the practicality and diversity of modern day jackets. In the 1930s, jackets were becoming modern and they were surprisingly simple and chic. Especially Chanel jackets are unbelievably contemporary, even if you wear them in modern days it does not look outdated.

There are so many different types of jackets in the world, satisfying different preferences and body types. Different labels have been writing their own history of jackets:  Androgynous Armani jacket that blends feminine qualities into straight-lined silhouette, Chanel jacket that emphasizes its femininity with astonishing colors and plentiful material, cutting edge sharp lined jacket by Calvin Klein, artistic and sensational jacket by Yohji Yamamoto, and classcial jacket of Ralph Lauren.

A jacket for me is like the front door of a house. Jacket is something that you wear on top of everything (if you don’t count a coat) and it has a power of making anything and everything look formal and sharp. Just like the main gate covering the scenery inside of a house – jacket flatters your clothing scenery.