Little Black Dress as a Small Giant

I cannot say too much about this.This is certainly the brightest star of all. As an actress who displays superb performances even though whatever characters are given to her, this clothing cleverly makes its wearer look natural and elegant. It would be always the answer for you to choose this item if you are in a hurry and do not know what to wear. This item is called ‘LBD’, which is the initial of ‘Little Black Dress’.

Little Black Dress is far from being ‘little’, though. The history of LBD originated from Gabrielle Chanel’s unconventional black dress in 1926. She broke the traditional way of designing black dress as tightly fitting clothes. Her path-breaking black dresses created such a sensation that French Vogue named Little Black Dress as “a sort of uniform for all women of taste”, that is, for modern spirited women of all time. Without Chanel, black dresses could have remained as traditional funeral garments for the grief-stricken.

The most remarkable feature of a black dress is that we do not feel something missing despite its simplest design. We are likely trying to put some adornment if our dress seems to be too simple, but this is not the case with LBD. This does not mean that we do not need to put any accessaries at all. LBD also opens an elegant space, which invites adornments. LBD is so perfect in itself that it can do with or without decorations.

Little Black Dress surely stands out in the midst of colorful crowd for its great simplicity and elegance. It possesses the power to provoke strong curiosity about its wearer.