Scarf, a Wisdom Piece

I often played with my mom’s scarf when I was about six or seven years old. It was an amazing toy to fake longer hair. I would tie it around the forehead and make a knot on the back. Draw back the rectangular piece of the scarf that fell down like a bridal veil, and I became a mature woman with longer hair. It was an unforgettable memory of my childhood.

When I became a teenager, I would always wear one around my neck with a silly wish that it would make me look older. I also liked to have it on as a bag handle wrap. It was my style accent upon a spring breeze when I lived in Paris.

Usage of a scarf is beyond the imagination. You can use it to cover a hair elastic band; You can wrap the rolled scarf around the crown of a straw hat, voilà! A classic look on a lovely day. It can spotlight your plain white shirt by adding colors. A colorful silk scarf would beautifully touch up the white shirt.

The scarf is so wise that it is never missed when I travel. A scarf can be used instead of a belt. It is comfortable on your waist, lighter in weight and not as tight. Usability of a scarf shines when wearing low-cut or deep v-neck blouses. With a scarf, you are reluctant no more to wear sheer chiffon blouses or fish net sweaters. Cover your bust with a scarf and use it as a bustier, your concerns for undesirable display of the skin are fixed. Needless to say it can be conceived as stylish. It can also serve as a veil for your messy hair day.

scarf 2

Many may think scarves are just made for autumn. That is not correct! It also protects you from a summer cold caused by cold air-conditioned environment. A piece of silk scarf wrap around your neck; Call it a protector.