Skirt, Manifestation of Women

Skirt, distinctive to separate women from men, is what could re-create the iconic image of flying skirt. It signifies a woman and being female. They depict women womanlier and make them more delightful. The concept of the femininity was born thereby. High heels clicked as you walk down the pavement, and they look rather sexier because of the skirt you are wearing. The garment of which glides gracefully around your legs will make every move you make more sensual.

To me, skirts are the manifestation of femininity; a center piece of the female life. I would become more careful and discreet when I wear a skirt. Dressing skirts attract male gaze because it makes woman intrinsically feminine.

Beginning around mid-1930 to 1940 skirts became more general in women’s clothing. They were transformed to serve the modern aspect, and began to have more varieties of style. The features that were cumbersome and useless had been degenerated. Flattering flare skirts, draping over a lower body, had shaped up the image of an innocent young girl in the 1950s; Miniskirts that barely cover the buttocks were boomed in the 1960s, predominantly characterizing female sexiness. A large length of exotic fabric wrapped around the waist and worn, known as Sarong dresses, triggered women to display intentionally their voluptuous line in the 1990s.

A skirt, whether it is long or short, looks tasteful in its own way. The length of a skirt is crucial and should be chosen depending on the shape of an individual’s figure. Shoes matching is also of importance: Pumps would look sophisticated with pencil skirt; Peep toe sandals or flats are good with short or long skirts. You can pair a skirt with different shoes but it does require some experimentations as it can be tricky to complete a right ensemble. It is not an easy task. But wearing a skirt is clearly a privilege for being a woman. Twirl around in your skirt, you may capture your own iconic flying skirt moment.