Style Picks From 2017 S/S Hera Seoul Fashion Week

Fashion does not blossom only in so-called fashion capitals — New York, Paris, Milan and London — that announce what will be the next big thing in coming seasons. Other than the ‘Big Four’, there are many aspiring cities including Seoul, and at the center of the movement stands Hera Seoul Fashion Week.

During the weeklong fashion event, Dongdaemun neighborhood turns into a runway teeming with unique fashion senses on full display. From little girls in hanbok, or traditional Korean costume to international crowd of plane-hopping bloggers dressed to the nines and a silver-haired gentleman dandy enough to give a European peer a run for his money. Seoul Fashion Week beats to its own rhythm, has its own style. Men, women, young and old, all parts of a drama shown right outside of the venue.

K Style Lab has come up with a wish list, keeping track of shows during the six-day fashion week, and asking what to wear for the coming spring and summer. When the season changes so do the colors of the air. And you would want to change clothes and start fresh. Instead of making a big talk, we have paid attention to picking out the clothes that will be a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. Keeping an eye on the newest trends is important but K Style Lab puts equal value in providing an irresistible ‘pull’, and room for styling.

Here are our top picks:

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1. Blouson For a Night-Out

BIG PARK’s elegant and sexy version of a bomber jacket. Uniquely transformed for the ‘evening.’ Smooth to the touch and feminine like a blouse, added with a utilitarian oversized pocket that adorns the front panel.

2. Breezy Windbreak’er

RUBINA’s anorak-style spring outerwear is an eye-catcher with vivid leaf prints carrying a note of tropical zones. It not only works for the day but also carries into the evening, a practical and stylish choice that can be thrown over a jacket.

3. Romantic Dress with a Modern Twist

KUMANN YOO HYE JIN’s dress is both dramatic and mysteriously innocent. While the black and white streaks optically dazzle, subdued romantic elements appeal to the poetic sensibility.

4. Sexy Camouflage

Yellow accents liven up ROCKET X LUNCH’s camouflage print jacket and a t-shirt with sheer panels adds a tough and sexy edge. Too shy to go bare? Match it with a yellow or khaki top.

5. Not an ordinary Denim Jacket

A striking outfit created by using a black denim jacket with a cool twist. Cool is not cool enough for KIOK merely adding flowers. She has gone further by opening the side of the jacket which allows freer styling. The jacket will compliment a bottom with a ribbon on the side or a skirt with a good volume.

6. Smart Overall

A zipper in the front, open seams, red piping along the hem, wide suspenders and a waist with loops for an absent belt all add up to a sturdy overall from YOUSER. You will look cool whatever you choose to wear inside.

7. Sweet suit with checkers

A t-shirt with a pink doughnut? Not an usual match for a suit. Yet, BEYOND CLOSET’s plaid suit with the palest yellow shows ‘casual chic’ styling with a capital C.

8. Sweet Bands of Stripes

Multicolor horizontal stripes give a wider choice of colors to match with. Conventional Korean color palettes score a point and the roomy silhouette another. You will want to bring this t-shirt from CARUSO along on your next trip.

9. Poetic Denim

A feast of colors with denim at the center.  A coat and a top for spring a girl might want to steal from her boyfriend along with a pair of jeans adorned with a flurry of cherry blossoms. A hat without a crown completes MUNN’s more than extraordinary look.

10. Fluttering Bustier

JAIN SONG’s ruffled top bustling with parrots is fully decorative like a treasured brooch. Swirling ruffles are lovely and precious as it adds an original narrative to a simple t-shirt, shirt or dress.

11. Mellow Brown Suit

Brown is not for everyone. But dealt with stylish hands, makes a strong fashion statement. A frilled shirt in mocha beige pushes KIM SEORYONG’s suit up a notch on a fashion scale, reminiscent of a cup of cafe mocha.

12. Sculptural Waterproof Jacket

NOHKE’s pale grey waterproof jacket reminds of the Walt Disney concert hall (designed by Frank Gehry) in Los Angeles. It is a hybrid combining the pattern of a jacket with a sensibility of a jumper, its origami-like form style evokes structural beauty. Tied closed with a sash, it is a nice wrap-up of the hybrid.

13. Pique  Shirt with Leather Inserts

The overall form including its collar and sleeves clearly indicates a pique shirt but silk and leather blur the line. Ivy League elements embedded in collar and placket combined with Oriental silk hint at the designer’s view of the world. RESURRECTION

14. Raincoat Tempts for more Rain

A bold outfit for a rainy day reverberating with ‘blue’ energy straight from SONGZIO’s oil painting of the big blue sea. It will fill you with an impulse to throw on the coat and saunter out into the dreary street.

15. Tunic plays Trick on Eyes

Making it hard to tell whether it is a shirt or a jacket, D.GNAK’s tunic beckons to take another look with its optical illusion. A witty and bold take on notched lapel jacket that masterfully incorporates elements of a Nehru jacket.

16. Soft and Neat Athleisure

A.AV’s perfect look for a weekend brings a milk-flavored ice cream to mind. In a sophisticated tone of grey, mixed with a white shirt that peeks out, the whole outfit is tailored for a just right fit, It pushes all the right buttons.

17. Clever Bustier Shirt

Sexy meets secretary into a seductive beauty. MOOHONG replaced the most definitive part of a shirt with that of a bustier, coming up with an asymmetrical shirt that draws a graphic line when matched with a long-sleeved t-shirt or a tank top.

18. Petit Trench fit for a Holiday

YCH’s chic trio of a bikini top, a floor-skimming skirt and a poncho-like cropped trench. Green and blue add another cool factor to the dazzling mixture of colors. The yellow bra top peeking out from beneath a beige trench is a stylish finishing touch.

19. Take me to the Party Sweatshirt

JINTEOK’s zip up jumper rises above the sea of sweatshirt with its tender elegance, epitomized by metallic fringes and beaded braids. Subtle glimmer of white sequined pants quietly dazzle.

20. Simple But Not Plain Black Dress

Nothing has been undone. Nothing sticks out. Nothing to indicate a season. No frills does not mean that it cannot be glamourous. Simplicity is the essence of style. PUSHBUTTON

21. Nautical sweater with delicate sensibility

Nautical fashion with white and stripes is one of the all-time favorites for summer. SEWING BOUNDARIES’ cable knit sweater shows its tactful approach with a thoughtful neckline, stripes along the neckline and the strategic positioning of the cables.

22. Casual Suit for Stylish Weekend

A jumper-like sports jacket with a matching pants in beige and ivory can go a long way. Worn with a red flannel shirt, it elevates a casual weekend outfit. Slightly cinched waist signals feminine flair and diagonal cuffs and uneven jacket hems add tension. SURREAL BUT NICE.

23. Funky and Ethnic

Don’t be fooled by the playful emojis studded on KYE’s short-sleeved top and matching skirt in intense orange. Take a step back and you might see a resemblance between the studded embroidery and a tattoo of an African native. Still symbolic, but ethnic.

24. Caftan, The Ultimate Holiday Item

It is not often we covet a caftan, but the printed silk version of FLEMADONNA would be your first choice when you pack for the holiday. (OR would make you want to start packing right away.) The deep V-neck and the pairing of blue and green take you straight to summer.

25. ‘Long-legged’ Pants

Has he pulled his pants a little too high? A slightly off but interesting pair of pants from 87MM_SEOUL, with a hint of hanbok, a traditional Korean costume. Its high waistline allows you to eat as much as you want without worrying about bulging stomach, and makes it hard to gauge how long your legs are. This might be the new found love.

26. Hanging Knit

Giving new meanings to ‘window dressing,’ BMUET’s cable knit sweater has removed the front and back. It might be time for a clothing to become the accessory. Best to be worn over a simple clothes in a solid color. (It will make a black jersey dress avant-garde.)

27. Two-faced Lace

What would happen when laces fit for a curtain peacefully hanging in a French country house meet wild street fashion? An extremely romantic dress that you would be dying to wear. Cutting a shoulder off of a short-sleeve t-shirt and adding a strap instead, YOHANIX seals the deal.

28. Biker Jacket Cool Enough To Shine

A leather jacket over a blue shirt looks elegant. Adorned with pearl buttons, the biker jacket from BLINDNESS is decorative but not over the top. The whiff of South America (see the festive hat) mixed up with punk spirit is fit for a modern day vagabond poet.

29. Evening Dress With Subtle Glimmer

Gold, blue, green, beige and bronze come together in a fascinating harmony for J Apostrophe’s ruffle dress. It is all in the shimmer and tone to make gold sophisticated. Taking a tone down from the glare, it became luminous while the ethnic colors and graphic details are romantic.

30. Chic Denim Ensemble

Miss Gee Collection’s denim skirt suit is not just another ordinary outfit. The combination of denim jacket and skirt can be an all-round player in everyday wardrobe. Straight lines and big pockets play up utilitarian side of the jacket. Matched with the flared skirt, far from ordinary with multiple tucks, it will take you anywhere without sacrificing comfort.

31. Stay Cool With Short Suit

ORDINARY PEOPLE’s black short suit lets you remain stylish even in sweltering summer. Matching a dressy pair of shorts to a jacket, it is a chic and complete look.

32. Stadium Jumper with a class

NOHANT came up with an outfit combining an unlikely pair of a gown and a jumper. A varsity jacket cleaned up of patches and letters is charming enough but the sweeping hems are stylish to a fault.