The Style Rising from the Toe

The scent of chic is rising from ankles of Korean men. In the early 1990s, streets of Seoul were full of men wearing white socks with famous foreign brands’ logos. It was the indication of outdated fashion sense of the local people.

As fashion gets modernized, men’s fashion sense with feet evolves as well. I grin as it is difficult to find those white socks poking out of hem of trousers on the streets of Seoul today. To be honest, it is not an easy task when it comes to choosing your socks well. It is highly probable and easy for people to just pick up any monotone socks.  However, they deserve better. They expect to be treated the way we choose our clothes.

Socks act as a bridge for connecting our bottoms and shoes. Therefore, it is crucial to select colors that are natural and fitting with the shoes. However, like throwing a pebble into calm water, from time to time, vivid colors will make one stand out. If it is difficult to boast sparky colors on clothing, then ankles are another great place to try. Stylishness is not an exclusive property of clothes. Stylishness is love from attention.

My method of choosing socks is by following the color of the trouser or keeping chime with the color of shoes. When it comes to wearing a pair of jeans, stripes or floral patterns comes to my mind, and also I focus with a clear primary color and put on a pair of white shoes. Selecting socks is a heavy duty. They not only smoothly link our feet and legs, but they also determine the legs’ length.