Trench Coat, Talented and Utilitarian

Fall in Hong Kong is good time to wear a trench coat. The trench coat, with its thickness and utilitarian look, is best for the transitional season like fall. The trench Coat is a classic wardrobe staple for style. You are also safe, whatever you wear (like lightweight pieces) underneath its layer.

Trench coats are typically made of gabardine, heavy canvas, that can repel raindrops. British designer Thomas Burberry first invented the trench coat as a military garment 160 years ago. He wouldn’t have imagined his coat became so popular and looms large in modern day culture as a signifier of intrigue and romance.

Trench coats can accommodate you with any style without regards to length, and colors. On your bad hair day, messy hair would become your fashion sense with a trench coat. The trench coat could fix your style on a day you look absolutely horrendous. It is a timeless piece regardless of age. Due to its military and utilitarian oriented design, it is so neat and stylish in any circumstance. Beige is safe; khaki, refreshing, navy blue, impeccable, red, eye-catching. You don’t need to abide by classic beige as any color choice you make gives you a sophisticated edge. But I am always attracted to the beige. The trench coat is your fashion stylist whenever you feel like needing help for your outfit. It will make onlookers stop and stare for all the right reasons.