Trousers, Wearing Style and Practicality

Skirts expose legs, therefore wearing them require some efforts to keep your legs slim and toned. On the contrary, trousers completely cover legs. But covering your legs doesn’t cover up all your issues. You will soon realize your fat stored in your belly, thighs, hips and butt starts to show as you move around. Needless to say, wearing trousers is, much more convenient option for daily activities. Trousers make almost any task easier than doing the same task in a skirt. Trousers are generally less feminine items but they are definitely practical and safe.

The act of wearing trousers itself is a form of technology. The social and technological changes of the 20th century propelled the movement of it being acceptable for women to wear pants. But it wasn’t until the Second World War that women began wearing trousers out in public. Trousers, evolving into variety of designs and styles through the decades, were a great contributor to liberate women from restraint of wardrobe. Coco Chanel introduced elegant resort wear trousers for women during the 1930’s; Levi’s designed denims for miners in 1950’s; Courrèges, inspired by geometric lines, designed pantsuits in 1960’s; Pantaloons, hippie-style wide bottom pants were having the momentum in 1970’s; Loose fitting baggy pants were in fashion in 1980’s; Sporty leggings in 1990’s, Slim fits in 2000’s,

In the travel of time, trousers have become smart. New designs combining long skirts and trousers, and leggings and pants popped out to attract the culture providing enough of thrills. Proportion of your bottom will smile or frown according to the fits of your trousers. First, you have to understand your figure in order to find a perfect pair of trousers. It’s a process that takes effort and endurance. It is like a treasure hunt. And you have to prepare for it.