Wish list for 2017 Fall/Winter (2)

Seoul is garnering attention as a ‘hot destination’ of Asia with its fashion. K-Style Lab has been to 2017 fall/winter Hera Seoul Fashion Week, and we are glad to share the highlight of ‘Seoul Fashion’ with our readers. Here is the second part of the list, following the first list we shared earlier this week.

Bluish Aura

Blue in winter is fresher and more charismatic than the color in summer. The color wields power enough to engulf the bleak air. NOHKE’s cobalt blue coat strikes a stark contrast with a black outfit, making the most of its cool flair. Eye-catching string detail on the fluid cuffs and cinched sash adds to the fashionable element of the look.

Novel Classic Dandy

BLINDNESS’ jacket sticks out handsomely with a periodic elegance, a modern outfit for an 18th century Countess. Buttons dazzle and complete the embellished beauty, a witty take on showiness. A romantic look expressed in a chic way is irresistible.

Sailor Suit

Sailor uniform meets a suit into an utterly feminine beauty with youthful sensibility. Tailored to show a single button and matched with a mermaid-hemmed skirt, the short-sleeved combination is an epitome of sophistication. Add a pair of long gloves and the elegance level will be taken up another notch! YCH’s nautical-themed skirtsuit looks back at the silhouette of the 40s and resembles a LaSalle convertible cruising along the coast on a weekend.

Gorgeous Military

Any fashionista would covet the sweater from YOHANIX featuring the face of a soldier, softening and sprucing a military code. Instead of printing, it chose to weave the face, adding a plush feel. Jutting flowers and leaves have been manually added to the pattern worked up by a machine. Street fashion with a touch of labor is yet another temptation.

Check out these checks!

It is time to pay attention to checks again. Amid the rush of the pattern, though, PUSHBUTTON’s checkered suit is a standout. Partial plaids, the front closure of pants and the oversized silhouette — Yes, it’s everywhere and we’re starting to get tired, too, but this look still manages to be attractive! — melds into a charming combination. Blouse with a crossing in the front peaks from underneath showing the styling panache of the designer.