European Men’s shoes find home at a traditional house

Seoul brims with shopping spots striving to outdo each other with novel concepts, and recently the number of them catering to male customers are rapidly growing. In addition to well-edited specialty boutiques that offer a variety of brands, stores that are devoted to certain items, say suits or shoes, are on the rise.

Parlour, a unique store that brings handmade men’s footwear from Spain, UK and Germany, has found a place off a quiet path in Tongui-dong.

Parlour Seoul 1
Parlour Seoul 2

Inside a charming, renovated traditional house, the knowledgeable staff at Parlour asks not only about your size but your lifestyle before recommending a fitting shape and design. “Most of the customers do not know their actual sizes,” says owner Hwang Jae-Hwan. “Each and every one has different foot shape but most of the men tend to buy shoes by brands and prices.”

Parlour Seoul 3
Parlour Seoul 4

Parlour offers handpicked choices from brands little known to Korean customers that include Berwick, Andres Sendra and Norman Vilalta from Spain and Laszlo from Hungary.

  26-1, Tongui-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  Daily from 11:00 - 20:00