Magic For Your Eyebrows

Every make-up box of beauty influencers contains the “Self Tattoo Eyebrow Pen”. The trend, which started a few years ago, peaked this year. For Korean women, today, the “Self Tattoo Eyebrow Pen” is essential, not optional. This semi-permanent solution to your eyebrow goals will last five to seven days.

Every time I was asked If I have tried the Self Tattoo Eyebrow Pen, I copped to challenge myself with great suspicion. In fact, I was afraid that I might have to live with ugly eyebrows for a week if I ever ruined them. But those worries and fears disappeared at once. It was easier to use than the tattoo stickers, and created an impressive result with the natural looking eyebrows. The sustainability lasts for 7 days, which is incredible.On top of that, the upgraded versions of the “Self Tattoo Eyebrow Pen” became available from many different brands competitively this year, and I almost screamed with excitement at the choices. 


CLIO TINTED Tattoo Kill Brow in three colors : N.1 Earth Brown/ N.2 Soft Brown/ N.3 Dark Brown

Most of the ‘early adaptors for beauty products’, who must try the ‘New items’ before anybody else, gave generally high scores to ‘Clio’ over other brands. In their opinion, as a trend-setter, ‘Clio’ satisfies all aspects of ‘Feeling, Colour and Sustainability’. The latest version of ‘CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow’ in 2016 became an issue to be the first to combine Tattoo Pen and the Brow Mascara into one.

The ‘Self Tattoo Eyebrow Pen’ is as sensational as ‘BB Cream’ which made the world crazy. You may fill in your sparse brows in the leisurely evening rather than during the busy morning and it will last for a week. It is also a wonderful feature that eyebrows can match the colour to the user’s hair colour or make up tone. Above all, the pigments are not used to colour like hair dye, but it uses the innovative technology, in which the ingredient, DHY(Dhydroxyaceton) will give an effect of natural eyebrow colours similar to suntanning from the sun. Korean women, these days, have deeply fallen in love with the ‘Self Tattoo Eyebrow Pen’.