Food Paradise: Mangwon Market and Mangridan Street

‘Mangwon Market’ is located near Hongik University, and recently became a popular destination among young people. You can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat in the market or visit famous restaurants around. You can also come across a number of celebrities as many musicians and artists are living in Mangwon-dong area.

1.  Inside view of Mangwon Market
2. Popular band Rose Inn’s memebr ‘Yuk Jungwan’ is a regular customer of this market

3. Croquette store crowded with people
4. Various kinds of sweet and sour chicken

The signature foods in Mangwon Market are sweet and sour chicken, croquette, ’kalguksu’ (handmade noodles), ‘Topokki’(stir-fried rice cakes), fish cakes with soup, pork knuckle, and so on. With only KRW 500(HKD 3.5), you can make your stomach full with a savory croquette. The Kalguksu with nice and warm soup costs you only KRW 2,000(HKD 14). You can also buy sweet and sour chicken with KRW 3,000(HKD 20).  You can enjoy dessert as well as meal with only KRW 10,000(HKD 70). The market is always crowded with local people and visitors who come to enjoy delicious food at a low price.

5. Kalguksu for only KRW 2,000
6. Sign of restaurant ‘Broccoli’ that opens until late night

A street near the market got a new name ‘Mang-ri-dan Street’, which is named after ‘Kyung-ri-dan Street’ in Itaewon. Just like ‘Kyung-ri-dan Street ‘, ‘Mang-ri-dan Street ‘ has so many gourmet restaurants, small but unique and delicious.

You can easily find cozy restaurants renovated from resident houses, such as French home meal restaurant ‘Star of Iceberg’, ‘Rico Rico’ which is famous for its homemade pork cutlet, Japanese late night restaurant ‘Broccoli Restaurant’, ‘Dongil-Ru’ which sells ‘Hama Jjamppong’(Chinese-style noodles with seafood and vegetables) as a side dish for drinks.  You can realize the popularity of the restaurants if you see the long queues in front.

7. The front view of Chinese pub ‘Dongil-Ru’
8. Hama Jjamppong (Dongil-Ru Chinese pub)
9. Sweet and sour pork in rice flour (Dongil-Ru Chinese pub)

10. Japanese ‘Yakisoba’ noodles with a fried egg (‘Broccoli’ restaurant)
11. Hawaiian Rolled Pork Cutlet (‘Broccoli’ restaurant)

  Take the subway line 6, get off at the ‘Mangwon Station’ and go to the exit 2
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