‘Gentle Monster’ of Gye-dong

Gentle Monster takes the concept of creative and artful shopping to new heights with its stores. And it all started with the first store in Gye-dong. The store is the conversion of an old bath house. Its experimental approach and design immediately grasped media’s attention.

Situated in Seoul’s secluded neighbourhood in Gye-dong, which is not a usual spot one may expect for a flagship location such as Samchung-dong or Seochon. The store offers the concept that is unique and influential, even boundary-pushing as compare to any high-end brands’ flagship stores in town. It has a twist on the main façade, the old bath house sign is still preserved as a part of the concept ‘Bath House’.

The place used to be student lockers and showers in a high school in 1968. In 1969, it was converted to a public bath house. After having accommodated a daily average of 150 visitors for decades, the house closed in 2015 leaving behind its history. Gentle Monster was right there to take it.

Gentle Monster’s 4th Store’s concept ‘Bath House’ showcases the synchronicity of old and new. It kept the origin of the public bath and instilled the characteristics of the brand. Born was the ‘Created Preservation’.

Tiles and boilers were preserved for product displays.

Preparing hot water in the bath house creates energy, and energy creates movement. It was the inspiration for the store design, which extends to the form of kinetic art ‘Time Transformation’.

The photos above show old boilers.

A film playing on 3rd floor shows the history of property.

Skylights on 3rd floor. A terrace that you can look out to the cityscape of Gye-dong. No photos allowed. Traces of the old property remains everywhere of the building showing the historic sentiment.

Gentle Monster’s sunglasses ‘EYE EYE’ and ‘ODD ODD’. The collection was created in collaboration with Hood by Air.  ‘Nunty’ red shades in the front ‘Rocker Fish’ in the rear on 2nd photo.

  92, Gyedong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  Daily from 11:00 to 20:00