“Ikseon-dong,” Into the Alley of Time Travel

It has almost been a century since the nation’s first urban style Hanok village was built. In the 1920s, a Korean industrialist, Segwon Jeong developed a village for traditional Korean houses for urban livings in an alley of Ikseon-dong, Jongno-gu. Now the village attracts many visitors for stylish coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, vintage dealers, and workshops in Hanok style environment. The village has come into the spotlight as one of the cultural attractions where the tradition and dynamic novelties are co-existing.

1. The newest hopspot “Ikseon-dong” where the tradition meets the dynamic novelties
2. Midamheon, the place for family diner
3. Proust, famous coffee and tea shop
4. Gyungyangshik 1920, western café, known for pork cutlet and hamburger steak

When you walk along the Ikseon-dong alley, you will discover shops run by young owners and artists with stylish and unique tastes, such as Ikdong Dabang; 12 Months; Turtle Mart; Vintage Bonnie; 1920; Soozip; Sikmul;. Most recommended is ‘Sikmul,’ where you can have a cup of coffee while enjoying its vintage interior design and hip-hop music. Hamburger Steak at ‘1920’ or a couple of beer in ‘Turtle Mart is also a good choice. It’s a time travel to the old Seoul.

How to Go : Subway line 5 Jongno Station Exit 4


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“Ikseon-dong,” Into the Alley of Time Travel


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“Ikseon-dong,” Into the Alley of Time Travel

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