BARON OH by Oh Baron
Cutting down her mother's skirt, she made her first skirt at the age of five. Sat down next to her grandmother, who designed Hanbok (traditional Korean dresses) for Yuk Young Soo, First Lady of Korea from 1960's to 1970's, she watched and learnt her fine stiching, delicate taste of texture and keen sense of colour.
BOURIE by Jo Eunhye
When I finally had a chance to interview her, I asked. What do you dislike the most? She replied "injustice". And I murmured to her fortuitous answer, "injustice it is…". Then she said that her brand name, BOURIE literally means “Injustice” in Korean.
Lee is the embodiment of this fashion scene. She is the daughter of Sul Yoon-Hyoung, one of the fashion pioneers of Seoul, and was a budding cellist studied at Yewon before she changed her course and went to Parsons in New York.
JULYCOLUMN by Park Sooy and Park Jay
The two art directors of JULYCOLUMN, Park Sooy and Park Jay, are the daughters of designer Park Youn-Soo. These two, who were born with fashion DNA, studied women’s fashion at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion in England respectively. After working in the UK for a while, they moved to Korea and launched an art studio, JULYCOLUMN.
ROUTE 1 by Park Jahyun
ROUTE 1, a contemporary range from Rubina. Under the slogan of ‘BECOME THE BEAT OF THE CITY,’ it launched in February this year, ambitiously declaring that it will set your heart aflutter.
BIG PARK by Park Youn-Soo
Youn Soo Park made his debut in 1980 as a Gold Prize winner at a Fashion Contest hosted by a major daily newspaper in South Korea.
Heich es Heich by Han Sang-Hyuk
Han Sang Hyuk is the first individual who showcased one's own collection among all fashion designers work-for-hire in big corporate brands. He is a motivator who proved that corporate brands can be also creative.
J Apostrophe by Lee Jiyeon & Lee Jiseon
J Apostrophe is a minimalist fashion brand headed by two sister designers, Jiyeon and Jiseon Lee. Luxe fabrics, feminine twists, and avant-garde cuts are keywords that best describe their style.
JINTEOK by JinTeok
JinTeok is one of the most acclaimed first-generation Korean fashion designers. In 1965, she first opened a dress shop called 'Francoise" in Myung-dong, Seoul, and pioneered 'fashion' in the early stage of postwar South Korea.
NOHKE by Jung Mi-Sun
'NOHKE' is a designer collection by Jung Misun launched in 2009. It is famous for its fluid lines, unconventional cutting, slick leatherwork along with its comfortable fit.
ONE CHOI by Choi Won
“I like math since they give you a clear answer. Not art since they cannot be numeralized,” said designer Choi Won. She studied pottery in Korea before she went to the UK where her graduation collection from Central St. Martin’s garnered attention from “The Guardian” as well as retailers such as Barneys New York and Colette.
PARTsPARTs by Imseonoc
Realistic while maintaining futuristic vision, Imseonoc is more than a fashion designer. She is a visionary and a creator. She was Costume Director of Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, and Costume Director of Korean Cultural Performance in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.
UL:KIN by Lee Seongdong
UL:KIN’s Lee Seongdong delves into philosophy and is a fascinating storyteller with an endless stream of messages to convey. He also has the drive. Lee’s career in fashion took a professional turn early...
MÜNN by Han Hyunmin
Han Hyunmin is a noteworthy designer. He lives surrounded by garments, pattern papers and scissors while many others are competing with marketing trickeries in the SNS realm, where commercial calculation and PR competitions are dominated.