Keats Hotel: How Beautifully the Sun Shines there

Situated in a quiet alley on the way up to Mountain Namsan slightly off Kyunglidan-Gil Road known for attractive restaurants, and stylish coffee shops and pubs, Keats Hotel is as enticing as its name appears to be. But make no mistake. It is not a hotel; It is a restaurant.

Opening the main gate is leading to a small house and immediately awaits you an enchanting garden. Across the garden is entrance to the living room. The props that may have been cherished over the years, and vintage pieces that seem survived for generations add a rare warmth to the space that is filled with sunshine.

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The atmosphere orchestrated by all these elements is just impressive and makes you curiously comfortable. Sensible arrangement of prop displays, the staircase to the upper floor, and the vintage European entrance door inspire to discover stories about the owner and his collection. He explained that he has been collecting vintage objects for many years though auctions and antique dealers in Europe.

The restaurant serves essential lunch and dinner menus from pasta to steak. But if you would fancy a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine paired with desert, the Keats Hotel will welcome you with warm hospitality. Highly recommended is the home-made Tiramisu.

It is a captivating place that you would never forget once you have been there.

  Sowol-ro 38 gil 30-8, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (15 minutes on foot from Noksapyeong Metro Station - Line 6)
  Daily from 11:00 to 22:00 (Monday off)
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