Making Daenggi at Dalle de verre

In Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, there is a historical site called ‘Seonjamdan’, where queens wished for the good harvest of silk farming. At the entry sits Dalle de verre, a place to build your muscles of your mind through art within life.

Dalle de verre, a chunk of glass in French, gathers artists who share their beliefs in everyday art and let them play. Altogether or as several project groups, they hold exhibitions or take part in fairs. There, an artist inside me wakes up. And today it was a workshop on making a traditional ‘Daenggi’, a traditional ribbon for pigtail.

Dalle de verre inside Seonjam Library. I have been here before for Saechimi doll making class and they now have more artworks and the ambience has gotten even better. Lee Yoon-joo, director of Dalle de verre, has such talents.

First there was a short lecture on Daenggi. Different types of Daenggi and those you can see at the museums and etc.

Now it begins. Brocade, ruler, golden gilt, threads and needles.

With a group of half dozen people, the work bench already offering some refreshment starts to flow with tips and information for every other aspect of life.

Iron the fabric.


When the shape is formed, gild with the fine golden leaves.

Add pearls at the end and voila, it’s done!!!

Tried putting on the completed Daenggi on my hair.

This time tied it around the handle of a bag. An accent to an otherwise plain bag.

Reaffirmed that tradition does not only dwell in the past but comes alive even more beautifully in our daily lives.

Visit their blog at to learn more about Dalle de verre.

  84 Seongbuk-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (The building has Soma Coffee Roasters on the ground floor)
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