Martha Stewart Taking on Korea

‘Wellbeing’ and ‘living in style’. These two are the hot subjects among Koreans today, and they may have been clearly defined by Martha Stewart. She launched Korean version of her website on July 4, this year. Martha Stewart has rallied her fans to partake in hundreds of projects over the years raising the bar on cooking, entertaining, gardening, décorating, collecting and crafting. She has gained success through the variety of business ventures ever since she started her home catering business in 1973.


The two editors, Park Sungmi and Myung Sujin, who launched the Korean version of Martha Steward Living quoted, “We thought that Martha Stewart was a mere perfectionist, but the messages she gives to her audiences are quite different. Her notion of good living is all about caring for yourself and others. Sharing healthy, nourishing and tasty foods with loved ones, living a sustainable, eco-friendly life to co-exist with nature, and crafting one’s surroundings creatively into beautiful environment are the true purposes that she encourages us to pursue in order to enrich our lives. Most of all, we found that the know-hows she suggests were simple yet attractive.


The Korean version of her website is merely the beginning of her business expansion in Asia encompassing publishing, broadcasting, merchandising and e-commerce. The website will be updated triweekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Click

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Martha Stewart Taking on Korea


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