A New Beauty Spot in Garosu-gil, Seoul

Garosu-gil in southern Seoul has become a trendy mecca for beauty and fashion aficionados. Dr. Jart, a South Korean cosmeceutical brand that has won global recognition, claims a spot there for itself with its first flagship store. Capturing the eyes with a futuristic façade, the store named ‘Filter Space in Seoul’ was built with three main concepts: water, air and light.

On the first floor, water is the main theme. You can experience filtered, purified water in a variety of forms, from an air shower to a water bar where you can wash your hands and have a sip, to a ‘Life Recipe’ counter that ‘prescribes’ customized products and lifestyle advices.

On the second floor, you will be awashed with clean, purified air as you peruse Dr. Jart’s bestselling items from Ceramidin, Cicapair and Dermask lines.

The large windows on the third floor bring in the natural light, the last of its themes, comforting the visitors who can also enjoy special treatments only available at Filter Space.

Feel the unique beauty experience with all five senses at ‘Filter Space in Seoul’, a new beauty landmark that will whisk you to a very near future.

Dr Jart store picture 1
Dr Jart store picture 2_R

1.  Filter Space in Garosu-gil, a newly unveiled flagship store of Dr. Jart
2. Experience water, air and light in their purest forms along with the brand’s beauty products

  535 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  Monday - Sunday 10:00 – 22:00 (Closed on national holidays)