Now, an Adventure Begins in Cheongdam-dong

Dismayed how Cheongdam-dong, once full of personalities and novel cultural attempts, has turned into a neighborhood where only extravagance and consumption are promoted, an art duo named JulyColumn has opened a studio inside the headquarter of designer Park Younsoo.

Park J and Sooy are the daughters of the established designer, who has surfaced in the 80s and reigned since, and although the two have been designing for their own label as well as Big Park for years, they humbly say that they are not ready to call themselves “designers.”

Instead of the dazzling façade of fashion, it was the months-long toil of their father only for the glory that lasted a few seconds was what they witnessed first.

An homage to the hard work, their studio showcases all the tools that bear witness to the creation process, such as tailoring scissors, sewing machines, and measuring tapes, as well as books about fashion and art they have collected over a long period of time.

Staying true to the name of a studio, this is where all JulyColumn’s art and design works are done. They not only make clothes but also create loosely defined artworks from a painting to decorating space on a commissioned project basis. The space is also used to accommodate the display and sales of pieces from up and coming designers, who are not used to revealing themselves in the market despite their talents.

Those who have been seeking for a novel consumption experience or culture can drop by at JulyColumn’s studio. They can try on clothes and shoes painstakingly crafted by a number of designers, have tea and snack at a café right next to the atelier/exhibition space, and even come up with a marvellous project with young artisans that you might hit it off with.

Some might find an excellent coat. Some may get their hands on an exhibition catalogue with precious records. And some could order artworks that will be created just for themselves. That is what Studio JulyColumn is.

Keep an eye out to see what changes these revolutionaries’ amusing experiment, which openly invites customers to join, will bring to the neighborhood that has become synonymous with luxury.

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  49, Dosan-daero 55-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
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Now, an Adventure Begins in Cheongdam-dong


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