OJORI B&B in Jeju Island: A Place like No Other

I frequently visit Jeju Island for business, probably seven or eight times a year. Such business travel demands a good sleep, and I cannot deprive myself of sleep to be productive on the job. OJORI B&B is a place like no other for this reason. It provides me with a modern ambience of relaxation and a bed for perfect sleep.

I am a regular guest at this property whenever I visit the East Jeju Island or vicinities of Sung-san. I find the incredible moment that the sun breaks for a new day truly magnificent. The foggy landscape with mist that creates a magical reflection of breaking dawn is also breathtaking.

What I also like about the property is the simple healthy breakfast (bagels, selection of yoghurts, coffee and fruit juices) to satisfy my small appetite in the morning.

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  42, Ojo-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju Island