In Search of Classic Tales of Perfumery
In Search of Classic Tales of Perfumery

‘Per+fvmvm’ is a private perfume salon located near Dosan Park in Seoul. It welcomes all perfume lovers who are willing to chatter on various notes of perfumes and get rare and valuable scents. It is a perfumery where classic and glamorous sensibilities are intersecting with highly modern and distinct intelligence, juxtaposing vintage furniture with crystal glass, black with gold or red, and so on.

This is not a store just to try sample test papers and choose one perfume.  It is a space where you can find yourselves by talking about your own taste, and wear a perfect scent which expresses ourselves right.

‘Per+fvmvm’ has a wide selection of more than two hundred and seventy rare materials for perfumes. You can also have a look at the lab and the office where perfumers are manufacturing and testing their perfumes.

Here, the perfumer Helen Jang makes perfumes with top modern notes based on classic formula. She does not target niche market, but she produces highly scarce scents. Per+fvmvm’s perfume bottles and containers remind us of a library full of old books, totally different from popular perfume packages, making their wearers unique and individual.  Candles and diffusers can be used to spread out the scent into your own space.  It follows the traditional way of wearing a perfume. You can just drip a drop from the perfume bottle sealed and rounded with a golden yarn.

  B1, 16 Eonju-ro 154 gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  Monday~ Saturday 11:00 – 20:00
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In Search of Classic Tales of Perfumery