The Playground Where You Can Play with Makeup

The Garosu-gil is the street of artistic sensibility decorated by trendy designers and artists, which is known among both locals and foreign tourists alike. Jung Saemmool, a critically acclaimed Korean make-up artist, has opened its flagship store on this street. It is not merely a regular retail store that sells makeup products but is a playground where customers can experience and play with makeup, and find their own colours and style that suit them. PLOPS is the name for this flagship store, which is composed of three floors.


The basement floor is for the rest area where customers can take comfortable seatings and enjoy viewing collaborative art works after shopping. It serves coffee and other beverages. With wide open windows displayed throughout the floor are figures of water drops (correlating to its name, PLOPS) and one that symbolizes the hand that makes beauty. It is supposedly a desirable spot for those who love taking selfies.


The first floor is a space for ‘TRY’ where customers can test out and purchase makeup products. The products offered by the brand are reasonably priced and have an exceptional quality and a unique palette of colours. The brand is a perfect example of ‘masstige (mass+prestige)’ which is mass produced, relatively inexpensive goods that are positioned as luxurious or prestigious.


On the second floor you have Cosmetic Garden and Artist Room. These rooms are designed to embrace the natural light. Customers can learn makeup techniques from makeup artists from the brand’s proprietary makeup academy.


The store was inspired by Jung Saemmool’s philosophy which states that ‘make-up’ is not just a trend of a certain era, but also a representation of an individual’s beauty through its unique features, colours, and textures. Anyone can experience their makeup products in the store and renew one’s beauty. This approach guarantees the brand to connect with its customers and, moreover, will succeed to touch their hearts.

  40, Abgujeong-ro 12-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  Daily from 11:00~ 22:00